Have You Thought About Life Insurance?

It can be scary to consider that we’re might not be around forever, particularly when we have kids that rely on us. The idea that one day we may not be able to take care of our loved ones is intimidating.


Being prepared for this eventuality is incredibly important. In the UK alone, around 28 million people have not taken out a life insurance policy. There are numerous reasons for this – complacency perhaps (sadly) being one of them. Personally, I think the main reason is that it can be exceptionally confusing to establish exactly what you are looking for, and more importantly, what you actually need.

Life insurance can be found online easily enough from companies such as Endsleigh. One kind of life insurance, often referred to as ‘Term Insurance’, is probably the most well known. It’s valid strictly for a certain term that is determined when you take out the policy. Typically, this is a policy taken out by those with dependents (such as new parents) and those with outstanding debts owed. Usually this type of coverage will pay a set lump sum if you (or your spouse) pass away, but there are a number of factors that could impact how it’s set up, including when you take the policy out.

One of the things I think new parents worry about most is outstanding mortgage (house) payments. It’s hard enough to think of running the house on your own if your partner passes away, but even more stressful to try to figure out how to afford to keep the roof over your head if you suddenly lose your partner’s income. Some of that stress can be alleviated with another branch of life insurance – Mortgage Protection Insurance. You can take out this type of policy for an agreed term, which typically would be the duration of the mortgage itself. Dying within this term would mean the policy pays out the agreed amount, however, if you live for longer than this term the policy will not pay out.

Another type of insurance is ‘Whole of Life Insurance’ and it fulfills the same role as term insurance, except that it does not expire and is valid for your entire lifetime with a guaranteed payout. The premiums for this type of policy are generally very high because it has the highest level of coverage, so it’s always worth additional consideration and perhaps even consultation to see if you really do need this extra level of protection.

Have You Thought About Life Insurance?

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  1. Life Insurance is extremely important to have!

  2. I never thought about it till I had kids. Both my husband and I have a policy and my husband has a policy with his employer too.

  3. My husband has life insurance through work. It’s good for us, I know that I won’t be able to get a job that pays anywhere near what he makes if anything should happen to him, and the last thing I want to do is be a young widow with small children and lose the house!

  4. desiree says:

    yes we have and got it over 1 year for the acceindent that can ahppen or someone dies

  5. Rachel N says:

    We have life insurance and we have gotten a small policy on each of our children too. If something were to ever happen I wanted to make sure that we could pay for a funeral for them without financial strain and be able to take some time off of work. If nothing ever happens they can take over the policy as an adult or cash it in to help pay for school or a house or something.

  6. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I never thought about life insurance until I had a baby, but after having a baby I made sure to get it right away!

  7. a whole life policy also gives you some cash value options after you have the policy for a few years. this can come in handy if you need a little bit of extra cash to get you through a tough time. be careful though, you will pay interest in the amount of $$ you “borrowed” from your policy and the face value will be decreased that amount until it is paid back.

  8. We definitely have life insurance. My husband is disabled and we don’t know what the future holds. We have to take care of our children. We both have life insurance.

  9. Suzy Allen says:

    I keep thinking about it all the time, we are so strapped for cash right now though. I know the main things we need right now is a will, I feel super guilty about not having one, we just don’t have time my poor DH is so busy with school Maybe one his next 2 wk break we will get it done.

  10. Jessie Wermager says:

    I think it’s a wonderful idea – its hard enough to lose a spouse/parent- but even harder if you had relied on them for part of your income. My husband and I have also set up wills even though we are only in our late 20’s, but we have a child.

  11. judy gregory says:

    my roomie and i are both in our 50’s. we have insurance so the other can continue to live comfy and take care of our of 7 pomeranians. it’s not just for people with kids. there’s also burial or cremation costs no matter your situation

  12. Michele P. says:

    I have term life ins. for hubby and for me, I get it through work when working… years ago I cashed in a whole life policy and I so regret it now! I wish I’d kept paying the premiums, they were low and to get the same level of coverage now it would be lots of money and I’d have to take and pass the physical.

  13. I have life insurance and I think it’s very important to have one.

  14. Jessica P. says:

    I have never gotten life insurance,because even though at my age and good health I’m sure it would be cheap,I’m *hoping* to live a really long time yet and it just seems like a long time to be paying on something. I definitely think it’s a must for anyone with kids though.

  15. I am here from the Make My Morning blog hop. I am glad I saw the title of your blog. I need to get some quotes on life insurance (preferably before I turn 30 in a few days and rates go up LOL.) This just jogged my memory. Thanks! I am a new follower as well.

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