Going Coaster Crazy At Dollywood

Today’s Brandcation adventure included a day trip to Dollywood. I had such an amazing time, I couldn’t wait to blog about it.

Dollywood Jen and Summer

There was a lot of excitement about today, because the Discovery Channel was filming a segment about the Wild Eagle roller coaster (the nation’s first wing coaster) and they invited us to ride while they were taping. Summer from Banana Hammocks and Tutus (with me in the photo above) promised to hold my hand if I got too scared.

Wild Eagle Wings

It’s a really cool ride. You’re suspended on either side of the eagle (on the wings) as it dives, twists, and turns. I rode three times in a row and screamed my head off. Between screams, I was able to chat with two roller coaster designers that were there for the Discovery Channel filming.

Dollywood Wild Eagle Ride

That’s me and Chad. I couldn’t resist a couple Fifty Shades of Grey jokes, since he had a camera strapped to his pants and a blindfold in his pocket. (The blindfold is for riding the coaster, not other things, lol.)

One thing that really impressed me about the park is that it’s SUPER family-friendly. Right when you walk in there’s a Guest Convenience center where you can have your kids measured to see which height requirements they meet.

Dollywood height check

The height chart is color coded and matches a chart to show the kids which rides they are able to go on. I think it’s cool because they know BEFORE waiting in line for the rides. Dollywood also offers Parent Swap, which gives parents the option to swap out who’s accompanying their children on the rides without waiting in line all over again. They even have a special food program to accommodate food allergies and dietary restrictions.

There were tons of rides and shows and shopping to keep us entertained. I think I could spend two full days there and still might miss something. I’m not normally a ride person, but after 3 rounds on the Wild Eagle, I was ready for more and spent the afternoon riding with the other Brandcation gals.

Dollywood Coaster

I can’t wait until Levi is a little older so I can bring him back to Dollywood. Beyond the amusement park, there’s also the Dixie Stampede dinner show and the Splash Country water park. Dolly even has her own cabin rentals, so you can come down to Pigeon Forge and have all your bases covered in one place.

Are you afraid of roller coasters?


  1. Wendi Scharrer says:

    Looks like you are having fun! I want to visit Dollywood. Maybe next year 🙂

  2. looks like much fun and i loveee what they do with the hieght chart!! very innovative!!!

  3. Karen Hand says:

    I am deathly afraid of roller coasters and heights. Both my husband and children simply love the roller coasters, so guess who stays with the children who aren’t tall enough for the ride.

  4. nataly carbonell says:

    Wow! Looks FUN! I’d love to visit Dollywood with my kids

  5. Looks like fun! I’ve been to Dollywood once when I was a kid. And yes, I’m afraid of roller coasters! Mostly because I’m really afraid of heights!

  6. I used to be. But then on my third time, I tried to relax and I opened my eyes! It was so liberating!

  7. I am not much for roller coasters, depending on the height etc. Some of them I can handle but not for the most part.

  8. Love, Love Roller coasters! And that looks like SO much fun!!

  9. Alicia Ponce says:

    Oh my goodness, looks like so much fun but also a little scary, I love it- thanks for sharing.

  10. Looks like you are having fun: I want to visit Dollywood!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Looks like you are having fun!! I want to visit Dollywood!

  12. Holy cow that wild Eagle coaster looks fantastic!! My daughter would LOVE it. I would love it too if I was 20 years younger. after I had my kids, my stomach just won’t allow me to enjoy the GOOD rides anymore

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