Giveaway: Booty Buns Cloth Diaper

Booty Buns makes a really cute dark purple diaper. Living in MN Vikings territory, I couldn’t resist putting it on Levi. The flash makes this look a little lighter in the photo, but it’s a totally cool color.
IMG_5849 I like the Booty Buns diapers because they have a double envelope opening – one in the front and the back. They also have double leg gussets, crossover tabs, hip snaps, and 4 rows of rise adjustments. Each diaper comes with two microfiber snap-in inserts, plus a liner and a matching cloth wipe.
I got four diapers, so I received 4 of their cloth wipes (one for each diaper). The wipes are fun prints in colors that coordinate with the diapers, and best of all, have a terry side for cleaning the worst of teething poos.
I thought the snap for the insert was interesting – it’s behind the back opening flap, so when it’s snapped in, you can make sure the microfiber is completely covered and doesn’t touch your baby’s skin. 
I really like their motto, too: “Go Green – Give Charity” For each Booty Buns diaper purchased, the company donates a diaper to someone in need. How awesome is that?


The Dirty Details:

Day Use: 4 Bums Up
Overnight Use: 3 Bums Up
Ease of Use: 3.5 Bums Up
Quality: 4 Bums Up

Overall: 4 Bums Up

Daytime Use:

The Booty Buns one-size is a solid daytime diaper for us. I love the double leg gussets – they seem to help keep teething poos from leaking. I also REALLY like the double envelope openings – it makes it super easy to shake the insert out. Snapping in the insert isn’t something I’m used to, but it seems to be a nice feature to keep it in place and prevent bunching so far.

The two openings are different sizes, though, which I’m still a little puzzled by.

IMG_5854         IMG_5856

I do like that the front opening is generous, which makes it easy to stuff. The hip snap helps prevent wing droop, which is awesome.


Overnight Use:

I’m starting to think that the double leg gussets I like make double stuffing harder. Trying to use both inserts was too bulky for us, which created a gap near the back of Levi’s thighs. Using a prefold or natural fiber insert for overnights would be a better option with this diaper.

Ease of Use:

As I mentioned above, the double envelope opening makes the insert easy to shake out when it’s wet. Snapping in the insert does take a little bit of extra time, but the generous front opening makes it easy to smooth the insert out after it’s snapped into place. I think it’s worth the extra effort to know that the insert isn’t going to get bunched up while Levi is running around.


The overall quality is pretty good. I thought the PUL felt a little thin, but so far we haven’t had any wicking issues while wearing this during the day. The snaps are good quality and the inner material is nice and soft. I’ve never had a diaper come with so many extras – two inserts, a liner, AND a color-coordinating cloth wipe.



I like the extra features Booty Buns diapers offer. The snap in insert stays in place when Levi is running around, and it’s a trim fit. The rise options are awesome for lasting a long time and giving this diaper extra mileage as Levi gets taller. Getting the liner and matching the cloth wipe is an really cool bonus, too.

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Ready to win a fabulous prize from Booty Buns? Head on over to my Current Giveaways page to enter to win FOUR Booty Buns cloth diapers!!



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    The ‘Nana Booty would be cute for springtime. 🙂 Thanks!

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  10. Becky Worthman says:

    moon booty! Too bad they don’t have a Colts Blue.

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    love the pun’kiin color!

  12. My favorite color is the “Love Booty”.

  13. Brandy L. Anderson says:

    I love the pun’kin booty color! Its a nice gender neutral color that isn’t yellow or green 🙂

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  17. The royal booty is my favorite color.

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    I love the “Love” booty color! Perfect for Valentine’s day!

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    I like the Night Night Booty color.

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    I like the “Night Night” black color.

  23. I like the color that Levi has on! Although I don’t know what one it is, so I will guess it’s Royal Booty!

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    First of all…I love the color names! lol My favoritw would have to be Pink a Booty! 🙂

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    My fav color is pun’kin booty

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    annae07 at aol dot com

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    Vikings territory here as well, too funny!!

    These look great!! I love the colors and that they come with a wipe. These will be going on my registry/baby wish list!

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  117. I love how they give away diapers when you buy one. These seem to be a great diaper.

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