Five Things I Have Learned While Babysitting Levi

Hello Faithful Readers of Life With Levi, my name is Kelly and I own I also recently took on a new job of Daycare for Levi. What a sweetheart. The past few weeks he has jumped right into our everyday lives. I really enjoy having him around and I would like to share with you

Five Things I Have Learned While Babysitting Levi


1. Levi loves his stuffed dog Tin Tin. In fact one day I couldn’t find his little nap time pal and had to call Levi’s Daddy to the rescue. Jen and Jason invested in more than one Tin Tin for such times. I did find him 1/2 an hour later outside in the fort.

2. Levi likes to talk, but only if he knows who you are. It takes him a long time to warm up to people. Once he knows you he will talk and talk and talk and talk. Believe me he has a lot to say.

3. Levi really likes to go to the park. I think if I took him to the park everyday he would tell you his daycare lady is the best! We do go outside everyday, but not down to the park each day.

4. Levi is super easy to lay down for nap time. I have never gotten my own children down as easy as Levi. Most days I tell the kids finish up eating lunch and then it’s nap time. Levi looks over at me and says ok, I am ready nap. All I need to do is change him and put him in his bed. I have to lay down with my kids and trick mine to go to sleep.

5. Levi is a stinker butt! He likes to go into my kitchen and open the fridge. Sometimes I catch him helping himself to a gallon of milk, or grabbing a handful of green grapes and he has been known to lick a chicken egg or two. Since he is such a little bugger (note: he is super cute while been a bugger) Jen gave me some handy tools for our house.

The other day I caught the two little cutie pies making “snow angels” out of the baby rice cereal they dumped out onto the kitchen floor. So I decided I better put that Munchkin Childproofing Kit to good use.
I really like the Dual Action Multi-Use Locks. I used it on the fridge to keep the little tikes out. Just pull the sticker off the backing and ta-da your done!
This sitter loves it and the children will have to grow some more muscle to get pass the Dual Action Multi-Use Locks.
A must have with kids around the house is safety outlet plug covers. My two year old is always trying to plug in cd players or night lights, so these will come in super handy around here.
The next item in the pack is a door stop. I can’t even tell you how many times I have told Levi and Ruth to stop playing with the bathroom door. With this I won’t have to worry about little fingers getting pinched.
The childproofing kit also came with a soft impact corner cushion for tables or fireplace edges. I no longer have a coffee table because when my daughter Jade hit the corner of it she had to have stitches just above her upper lip at the age of 11 months. It broke my heart having her go through all that, so I threw out the coffee table. However, I do have a dining room table. It is just the right height for a small person to bump their head on it. I used the soft impact corner cushion on the edges of the table.
Lastly, Munchkin added drawer and cabinet latches. I use to have cabinet latches a long time ago, but one of my many children broke them all.
It will be nice to replace them with these ones. They look easier to use than my old ones.
Thank you so much Jen and Munchkin for helping me make my home a safer place for all these kids. There is nothing more important than the safety of my kids, so next on the agenda is looking into a home security system. I had some trouble deciding until I found these guys, they’re reliable and affordable.
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  1. It’s because he’s so cute that he can be a little bugger!

  2. mary fanara coleman says:

    There are so many safety precautions nowadays. I don’t think we had one of these when I was a child. Long time ago. I like the soft impact corner cushions. Never seen these.

  3. Levi sounds like a real ham! I can’t believe they were making rice angels. ROFL!! I used a lot of products like those when my daughter was little, you won’t have to worry about pinched fingers or the random electrocution anymore! 🙂

  4. Levi sounds like my little man! We are pretty well childproofed but I always find something else that needs to be locked down or nailed shut almost daily 😉

  5. Ana Cláudia says:

    nice post

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