The Grape Stomp Method For Stripping #Clothdiapers

Every once in a while my cloth diaper microfiber inserts start to stink. I’ve found a great method to get the stink out – it’s even kind of fun, especially for kids.

The Grape Stomp Method
For Stripping Cloth Diaper Inserts

This method works best if you have average or soft water. I’ve found that using this method, I only need to strip my inserts once every 3 months.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Stinky microfiber inserts
  • Bath tub
  • White distilled vinegar (about ½ gallon)
  • Baking Soda (optional)

Step One:

Lay your microfiber inserts in a single layer in the tub. If you’re like me and have a lot of inserts, you can do two layers.

I have two layers here.

Step Two:

Pour a ridiculous amount of vinegar on top of the inserts – about half a gallon. Add enough hot water to just cover the inserts. Hint: If they start floating, you’ve added enough water. Optional: Add 4-6 tablespoons of baking soda. (If your kids are helping, this is a fun step for them to do.)

I use about 1/2 of a gallon-size bottle of generic distilled white vinegar

Step Three:

Take off your socks and roll up your pants.

Big feet are a big plus for this process!

Step Four:

Channel Lucille Ball and stomp your cloth diaper inserts for several minutes.

Microfiber inserts are significantly less messy than this I Love Lucy episode.

Microfiber contains lots of tiny air pockets which trap stink. All the stomping action ensures that the vinegar gets into those tiny pockets to full sanitize the insert. As you stomp your diapers, you’ll feel the air squish in and out of the inserts.

If your kids are helping with this step, make sure the water is not too hot. If it is too hot for their skin during this step, you can wait until Step 6 or Step 7 for the water to cool so they can help with the stomping.

Step Five:

Let you diapers continue to soak in the tub for 1 hour.

Step Six:

Stomp the inserts again for several minutes.

Step Seven:

Drain the tub and refill it with warm water. Stomp the inserts for two minutes. Drain the water and repeat twice. You want to make sure all of the vinegar is rinsed from the microfiber, otherwise it can make stink issues worse.

Step Eight:

Run the microfiber inserts through a hot or extra hot rinse cycle in the washing machine just to be sure all the vinegar is rinsed out. Alternatively, you can just run them through your regular wash routine if you have other cloth diapers to wash. Dry as normal.

Depending on use, your microfiber inserts should remain stink-free for 2-3 months.

This method does take some time, but is a good way to battle the stinkies and extend the life of your cloth diaper stash for minimal cost.


  1. Great post Jen! I have been looking for another way to get the stinks out without having to use a bunch of RnG.

  2. oh I love this! Stumbling and Sharing on FB! 🙂

  3. I’m one of your newest followers. This is a great post, very helpful! I haven’t needed to strip any dipes or inserts yet, but I’ve bookmarked this post for future use. I loved all the pics 🙂

  4. CrunchyBeach Shared, I laughed, now I’m following you on FB. Awesome post, bookmarked it for future reference as I’m sure I’m going to have to deal with the “stink” soon enough.

  5. Hmmm…I’ve retired all my microfiber because of stink. I think it might be time to give them a good stompin’!! Thanks for the great advice!

    • lifewithlevi says:

      The stompin' is fun for sure. At the very least, it's worth a shot since it's so inexpensive.

  6. LOL this is an awesome idea! But remember that baking soda should not be used with hard water.. use washing soda instead!

    • lifewithlevi says:

      YES! Good point. I probably should have been clearer above. This only works if you do not have hard water, otherwise it can make the stink worse.

  7. Dude, if I could teach my cat to do that….

  8. I love how low-tech this is! Do you have to worry about your feet smelling like either vineagar or diaper stink?

    • lifewithlevi says:

      I rinse my feet off when I'm done and they're just fine. Microfiber inserts are used inserts pockets, so they're usually not too bad to stomp on barefoot. At least, I don't mind. If you want, you could always run a rinse cycle on them before doing this, too.

  9. Could you use the vineagar directly in the washing machine?

  10. I love this and want to try it just because it looks fun!

  11. I am new to CD-ing and it’s time to do my first strip, Thanks so much for this blog post, it’s great!!!

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