Do Your Kids Listen To Coldplay?

Just another thing that makes me a crappy mom, I’m sure. I let Levi listen to Coldplay. Heck, we rock out to Slipknot, Madonna, Florence + The Machine, and even the occasional Miley Cyrus song. Oh, and country. We totally love country music, too.


I do have standards, though. The Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber are not allowed in my house.

So why am I picking on Coldplay? Because I can. And because I don’t get why there are people that hate their music. It might not be my favorite, but I don’t think it’s that bad. They must be doing something right – since achieving international fame with their smash hit "Yellow" in 2000, they’ve sold a staggering 55 million albums and singles. I imagine a lot of sales = a lot of fans, cuz you know their moms didn’t buy ALL those albums.

I think it’s cool that they’ve kept up with some of the trends over the past decade, too. With today’s music buying public seemingly having shorter and shorter attention spans, the task of an artist to stay relevant is not an easy one. The band takes pride in being at the forefront of the alternative rock genre, and I think it’s great that they try to stay true to their musical roots, too.


I asked my friend Amanda to give me the 411 on their music for those unfamiliar:

"Mylo Xyloto", the band’s fifth and most recent album, is reminiscent of their earlier work, utilizing harmonies with a driving backbeat that characterize the Coldplay sound. The first two singles from the album, "Paradise" and "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall", are both textbook examples of what keeps Coldplay fans constantly coming back for more. Their legions of loyal fans know that the band will never sell out to any current musical fad or trend. They respect the sound that got them this far and they are not about to abandon it. Look online for the availability of Coldplay tickets at a venue near you.


Lead singer Chris Martin is knowledgeable of music history, so he is aware that bands who deviate from their popular sound have a tendency of fading into oblivion. Along with being hugely commercially successful, Coldplay has also earned the respect of critics worldwide. The band has achieved that rare feat of being accepted by both the masses and critics alike. Their list of awards includes seven Grammy Awards from a total of twenty nominations, four Billboard Music Awards, three World Music Awards, five MTV Video Music Awards, and seven Brit Awards. They have won the Brit Award for Best British Group three times.


The 2011 single "Princess of China", a duet with Rihanna, is a prime example of what Coldplay has been so masterful at accomplishing. While keeping the classic Coldplay sound, they somehow manage to inject a newer feeling and vibe into the song, attracting newer and younger listeners. The wise choice of Rihanna, a superstar in her own right, only adds to the accessibility of the song. Songs like this have aided in keeping Coldplay vital and relevant in today’s chaotic music industry.

So yeah, I don’t feel bad at all about Levi listening to Coldplay. Or Michael Jackson. Or any other music I throw on for us to dance to.

Do your kids listen to Coldplay?


  1. I’ve not gotten into coldplay that much. I did enjoy reading the lowdown on them, though. Thanks!

  2. carol roberts says:

    ya my daughter listen to it a few times

  3. Michelle F. says:

    I love cold play and we sometimes listen to it in the car with the baby.

  4. love love love there work!!!!!!!

  5. I have a few Coldplay songs on my playlist. 🙂 We listen to all types of music! Everything from country to rock to Disney soundtracks to whatever’s on the radio.

  6. We listen to all kinds of music here. Went bowling with friends this summer, our son and her daughter are good friends, He is ten and she is 7. Next thing I know the song Sexy and I know it by LMFAO is playing and there is my son singing along to the only part he knows, I’m Sexy and I know it…

  7. I agree with your high standards – no Beiber or Jonas 🙂

  8. I agree with your high standards – no Beibs or Jonas LOL 🙂

    (sorry if thsi is a dupe first post isn’t showing)

  9. I think it’s great that you feel comfortable letting your son listen to whatever you would listen to. Every family is different!

  10. Sylvia Ortiz says:

    Coldplay is my oldest son’s all-time favorite band. My son started listening to this group when he was in high school; he is now 26 years old. He got our whole family (my husband included) to listening to this band. So, for his 18th birthday, I surprised him with concert tickets for my three kids and myself to see them Live in Anaheim. It was the most special time in my life (at that time), to be able to go to a concert alone with my children and enjoy the time together – and especially watching their “glowing” faces during the concert while they watched Coldplay Live and in awe!!
    From one Coldplay Fan to Another

  11. we listen to all kinds of music

  12. I think I have something by Coldplay in my iPod, but I’ll have to verify. 🙂

  13. nataly carbonell says:

    I don’t think My 5 and 7 year old listen to them but they proably will in the future! 😀

  14. I am not familiar with Coldplay, as I am of the older generation; however, I believe that any music is beneficial to a child’s well-rounded education. Granted there are songs and/or music out that I don’t really care for, but I do appreciate the music itself, as it expresses a message that the certain group or individual are attempting to convey.

  15. I like them a lot and listen in the car. Kids pick up on good music like it!

  16. thischickwins says:

    Here at home, we all do.

  17. I’m guilty!We listen to Madonna,Green Day,some Eminem!!!Maroon five…

  18. I do like britrock so they’ve listened to Coldplay… I think variety does help them find their own style too.

  19. We’re not big Coldplay fans here (although I do like some of their songs). But we listen to a wide variety of music around here. I love Marianas Trench (my youngest son adores the song “Fallout”). My husband likes a lot of classic rock…Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, AC/DC, Queen, etc. Our kids listen to all of those bands, plus a lot of pop rock and country. We rarely, if ever, listen to children’s songs. The only thing we don’t let them listen to is anything that is highly suggestive or has swearing in it.

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