Dell XPS 13 Review Part Deux

Last week I shared how the Dell XPS 13 ultrabook measures up to what moms really want in a laptop. Although I think I got it mostly right, I have to admit – my post was a lil’ biased because it was based on my experiences as a working mom and my business needs.

So I decided to write a Part Deux of my review. You’ll still get some bias from me (it is my blog after all), but I opened up to a couple blogger friends chiming in with their thoughts on what makes a laptop perfect for a working mom.

Laptop Durability

My friend Jenn from DoingWheelies shared, “Well… I cracked the screen on mine because I backed up and ran it over with the wheelchair. So durability and/or warranty would be a big perk, lol.”

Though the Dell XPS 13 notebook has a machined aluminum frame that makes it pretty solid despite it’s light weight, I’m not sure the Gorilla Glass could stand up to being run over by a wheelchair. Then again, I’m also pretty certain Jenn doesn’t make running over her laptop a regular practice. The XPS 13 comes with a one-year parts warranty, but I’d definitely recommend an extra protection plan to cover accidental damage if that’s a concern. When I checked Amazon today, they showed a 2-year “drops & spills” protection plan available for an extra $105. As much as I love Amazon, Dell has a better value if you buy a protection plan directly through them – they have plans available for 1-5 years and offer monthly payment plans as low as $2/month.

USB Ports

My friend Brooke from AelisIRL rated USB ports high on her list, “I feel like my next laptop needs a lot more USB ports than the one I have now. Unplugging the camera, for the storage device, for the mouse, for the other many accessories I use gets really old really fast.”

The Thunderbolt™ 3 multi-use port on the XPS 13 ultrabook is awesomely fast, but doesn’t solve Brooke’s problem of having to switch connections for hooking up multiple devices to her laptop. The good news is that it does include an SD card slot, eliminating the need to use one of the two available USB ports for her camera.


Dell XPS 13 Ports & Slots: 1. Speaker | 2. SD card slot | 3. USB 3.0 with PowerShare | 4. Noble lock slot | 5. AC power | 6. Thunderbolt™ 3 supporting: Power in/charging, PowerShare, Thunderbolt 3 (40Gbps bi-directional), USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps), VGA, HDMI, Ethernet and USB-A via Dell Adapter (sold separately) | 7. USB 3.0 | 8. Headset jack | 9. Battery gauge button and indicator

In addition to the laptop, Dell sent me their Universal Adapter, which I think would help Brooke out, especially since it would allow her to hook up the XPS 13 to two external monitors while gaming (one to play and one to record for her YouTube videos).


Both Jenn and Brooke also listed laptop speed as part of their criteria when shopping for a new computer.

“Overall, the biggest thing I need in my next laptop is space and speed. I want to be able to listen to music while browsing social media while working with photo editing and desktop publishing software. I need a laptop that can keep up with me!” –Jenn from DoingWheelies

“I also need one that can keep up with all of my video recording and editing software at once.” –Brooke from AelisIRL

On this front, the Dell XPS 13 ultrabook totally delivers. With 6th Generation Intel Core processors available at speeds of up to 3.2 GHz & 4M cache, this machine has handled everything I’ve thrown at it with ease.

When it comes to performance, it’s definitely a solid choice for anyone looking for a new work laptop.


  1. I’m actually looking now at the price of the laptop with the adapter and honestly spec for spec it’s up there with a lot of the popular gaming laptops but much cheaper. DEFINITELY a great multi-tasking laptop for all of the different things I would use it for.

  2. Speed and durability would definitely be at the top of my must-have list when it comes to a good laptop for my needs. As a Mom and blogger, I am always on the go and need things to work (fast) when I need them. I’ll check this out as I really am in the market for a new laptop!

  3. Durable and light weight – sounds like it’s exactly what I need!

  4. The speed is the biggest for me. At any given time I have like 10 pages open. I love that it will be able to keep up with my crazy mind. Getting 10 things done all at once is a biggie for me.

  5. I’ve never owned a Dell but have heard of them many, many times, and even sold competing brands. When it comes to laptops I have always gotten the extended warranty.

  6. My laptop doesn’t have the speed I want so I am going to check this out. I’ve heard or rather read, good reviews on the Dell XPS 13 notebook.

  7. Lightweight is really the biggest thing for me. Price comes in a close second

  8. I always consider Dell as a great tech company. They have a lot of great products like this laptop.

  9. I also have a Dell lasptop and am very happy with it. Great performance speed and the battery is fantastic.

  10. Sounds like a great laptop. I have had dells in the past and loved them so when I’m in the market again I’m going to be checking out a dell.

  11. My laptop is not even a year old and it’s slow. I really can’t stand it at times. Would love to read more about Dell computers. My sister had one and didn’t have great luck.

  12. It seems like my husband and I are looking for a new laptop every other year. I need to check out this Dell in person, it sounds like a total winner.

  13. This looks like a fantastic laptop! It’s super slim and looks like it has a lot of capability!! Great review!!

  14. This looks so sleek and sharp. ill have to check it out in stores!

  15. Chris Hoov says:

    Dell is my favorite brand when it comes in laptop, I have a new one and I totally love it.

  16. I actually heard a lot about this brand though I have not used it yet – but a lot of people has told me the quality it has so it’s something always worth to have.

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