I Didn’t Know I Had a Rainbow Baby

I was browsing Facebook yesterday and this gorgeous photo mentioning Rainbow Babies came up in my newsfeed. As many of you know, the whole reason I got into blogging in the first place was because I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy and wanted to connect with others going through conception and pregnancy struggles so I wouldn’t feel so alone. A big part of that was having a “safe” place to discuss the different highs and lows I went through, {Read More}

Potty Party + 4 Tips for Toilet Training #PampersEasyUps

Ever wondered what a potty party (potty/toilet training party) is all about? Thanks to a partnership with Pampers Easy Ups (and Jen being past the potty-training stage with Levi), I hosted my first potty party a week ago. My daughter is almost two, and has already shown signs of being ready to begin potty training. After explaining to my friends and family members what exactly it was I hoped to accomplish by hosting a potty party in the first place, {Read More}

Tattooed Moms Are Better Moms Than You Think

Tattooed moms – in today’s day and age where 1 in 5 adults have a tattoo, it’s surprising to me that there’s still a lot of stigma about the relationship between parenting and a lil’ skin ink. As a tattooed mom myself, I’d like to go ahead and set the record straight on this. 12 Reasons Tattooed Women Make Awesome Moms #1 – We recognize the importance of self expression I think all parents want their kids to feel comfortable {Read More}

Moms (and Dads) have it made with Sears #MoreToYou curbside pickup

Do you remember what it was like being home with an infant all day? I’m not talking about the angelic moments with the baby calmly asleep on your chest. I’m talking about the messy moments. You know, the ones where you’re sporting spit up stained yoga pants, a nursing tank, and a sleep-deprived-forgot-what-a-hot-shower-feels-like  look on your face. Yeah. Those days. They’re kind of a badge of honor that usher you into the crazy, scary, awesome world of parenting. Those are {Read More}

A sincere apology to parents that smoke

To all the parents that smoke – I owe you an apology. Earlier today I posted something on Facebook that’s been bugging me ever since I put it out there. I think words are powerful things, and it’s important to use them correctly. I was trying to make a point earlier today and totally failed because I do NOT think you are a crappy parent just because you’re a smoker. What I should have said is that I think it’s a {Read More}

Today I learned what a nebulizer is

Today I learned exactly what a nebulizer is. Levi’s had some respiratory issues this winter. I figured they were normal cold symptoms, so I never thought much of it. The latest one, though, turned into enough cause for concern to visit the doctor. Turns out some of Levi’s symptoms (wheezing, shallow breathing, cough lasting 2 weeks or more, etc…) can also be signs of asthma. He’s still too young to know for sure, but his pediatrician thought it was worth {Read More}

Levi’s First Selfie

I suppose that as a blogger, it was inevitable my kid would learn to take a selfie. At 3 & a half years old, that day has arrived. This was, of course, immediately followed by “let’s do it again!” Photos taken with my Galaxy Note 3.

Levi’s first day of preschool

Sometimes I gotta put the mom back in mom blogger and share one of my kid’s milestones – today was Levi’s first day of preschool! During Levi’s last checkup, his doctor mentioned she thought he was more than ready to be in a preschool learning environment. The home daycare wasn’t doing much by way of learning activities, so I started evaluating some of our options and found a preschool that seemed to be a dream come true. Levi’s new preschool {Read More}

Am I Screwing Up? (Sponsored)

Sometimes I worry that I’m screwing up this whole mom thing. I mean, aside from the regular “crappy mom” stuff that I do, I feel like maybe I really am screwing up. I’m not too worried about letting Levi fall asleep in my bed with his sunglasses on. They’re not going to hurt him, and hey, if it gets him to sleep, I’ve kind of won the larger battle. Plus he just looks so darn cute. But other things give {Read More}

Should Little Boys Paint Their Toes?

I don’t really care if little boys should or shouldn’t paint their toes. Mine did. All by himself. And I couldn’t be prouder. We bonded over orange nail polish yesterday. Honestly, my only concern was making sure his toes were dry before going inside on the carpet.