Easy Halloween Treat: Mummy Graham Crackers

Mummy Graham Crackers are an easy Halloween treat to make in your home kitchen. The prep time is reasonable, and the finished result is perfect to add a little something extra when it’s your turn to bring a homemade treat to a Halloween party or potluck. Best of all – the decorating is super easy to do! If you can draw a line, you can totally make these delish little Mummy Graham Crackers. Mummy Graham Crackers Ingredients: Graham Cracker Squares {Read More}

3 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can MAKE With Your Smartphone #VZWBuzz

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For the procrastinators out there (like me!), here are some great last-minute gifts you can actually MAKE with your smartphone. These last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts are perfect for craft-challenged folks (again, like me) that want to give a personalized gift without the glitter & goop mess that often accompanies craft projects. Since I’m part of a really cool team of influencers for Verizon, I thought it would be fun to find gifts that {Read More}

Halloween Family Traditions

Yesterday was Halloween, my favorite holiday of the year. The candy, the costumes, the decorations – I love it all. And I especially enjoy the family traditions we’ve created. Halloween has been a difficult day for my family since my Aunt Monica passed away in 2002. That makes me extra appreciative to be able to give my cousin Cheryl and my dad big hugs in person. Just like last year, the cousins joined our kids to go trick-or-treating in our {Read More}

Father’s Day shopping at Best Buy – Gifts for the man who loves to entertain @BestBuy #GreatestDad

One of the things I love about Mykl is that he loves to entertain & invite friends over just as much as I do. Of course, he takes it way farther – anytime we host a party or game night, he spends the week leading up to the event planning out the music playlist, creating a signature cocktail for the party, and following up on all the details I normally don’t even think of. This is the first Father’s Day {Read More}

Are you an Adventure Mom? @BestBuy has your gift list covered #GreatestMom

I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card for sharing this post. All opinions are my own. Having a 3 year old boy makes me feel like an adventure mom. I mean, sure, I’ve zip lined through the Great Smoky Mountains before, but that adrenaline rush is nothing compared to trying to save your preschooler from the falling cupboard he just scaled trying to reach the cookies on the the top shelf. Mother’s Day is {Read More}

Gala Bingo Celebrates Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a globally recognized event that gives people across the world the chance to show their appreciation for their mom. Mother’s Day originated in America in the 20th Century, where it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, but it’s not the same for all countries. In Bulgaria, it is celebrated on the same day as International Women’s Day – March 8th. In Thailand, it falls on August 12th, the same day as the Queen of Thailand’s birthday. Other countries that {Read More}

Sharing my “Facebook Official” story plus $200 Valentine’s Day Giveaway from Coupons.com

I was provided with a promotional item by Coupons.com . All opinions have not been influenced and are my own. I can tell you exactly what day my relationship with Mr Grey became “Facebook Official.” It was August 21st, over a month after he had moved in with me. For some couples, changing their Facebook status is an important part of falling in love. For us, it was something we kind of forgot about along the way. We were too {Read More}

Romantic & Fun Valentine’s Day Playlist

Looking for a romantic & fun playlist for Valentine’s Day? Mr Grey created one that you can stream for free using Spotify. Mr Grey’s Romantic & Fun Valentine’s Day Playlist Funny story – this all started because Mr Grey has made me some really cute mix tapes in the past, so I asked him if he’d create a Valentine’s Day playlist to share with you guys. He sent me a test version, and all the songs were about the world ending. {Read More}

Personalized Presents: Custom Christmas Gifts from Personal Creations

Santa is getting a helping hand from Personal Creations this year. They’re sponsoring this post to help make our Christmas extra special with personalized presents and custom Christmas gifts. Now that our Sock Monkey stockings have been hung and the tree’s been decorated, we’re ready to start wrapping some of the Christmas presents that have been hiding out in our office closet. All of the gifts came from the Personal Creations Holiday Gift Guide. Levi’s Personalized Presents During our big {Read More}

Creating new Christmas traditions with Personal Creations

I’m really psyched that Personal Creations is sponsoring this post and helping me create new holiday traditions for my family this year. Last year was a tough one. Jason had moved out in the fall and there were a lot of feelings about the divorce and everything going on that came bubbling up when I unpacked the Christmas ornaments. This year, pulling out all of the decorations has a whole different feel. For one, Mykl was (I hope) joking with {Read More}