Oh Nair, why did I think you would change?

Remember those Nair commercials from the 80’s? I wasn’t old enough to worry about leg hair in the 80’s, but I remember the commercials. The ones they had in the 90’s weren’t much better, but they worked. Like most teens, I was self-conscious about my looks, especially my body hair. My whole life I’ve dealt with the stages of mediterranean body hair grief: Denial: All my friends have fine, light hair. They don’t wax their arms. I’m not going to. That would {Read More}

Bathroom Confessions: One Toilet, Five People #TweetFromTheSeat

First confession – when Influence Central asked me to participate in a campaign on behalf of Charmin called #TweetFromTheSeat, I snorted and giggled a little bit. When they said they wanted me to make a video and have fun with it, I started thinking this could be fun. Then they enticed me with free toilet paper. Done deal. I’m all over this. So was Lucy, who wants to be an actress someday. I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of {Read More}

Whatever EWG, I’m Using Neutrogena Sunscreen Anyway

Here’s the deal, folks – I was recruited by Influence Central to write a post about Neutrogena sun screen. They sent me samples, and after I send them a link to this post, hopefully they’ll still continue sending me promotional items for the campaigns I work with them on. This post isn’t just a bunch of sponsored stuff someone is paying me to write about. It’s my rant about the EWG and why I disagree with information that’s been making the {Read More}

Lube Hacks: 6 Alternate Uses for Personal Lubricant

Blogging has perks, y’all. Like getting paid to be funny and write about stuff most people don’t talk about publicly, like KY lubricants. At least, I hope I’m funny. Otherwise oversharing things like losing my marbles and writing a tutorial about how men can use housework to get laid more often might seem out of place on this blog. So let’s assume I’m funny. And that I want to do a great job writing about lube for KY, but I don’t want to get too {Read More}

DIY Essential Oil Gel Air Freshener

This DIY essential oil gel air freshener is perfect for those that want their home to smell better, but don’t want yucky chemicals going into the air their kids will breathe. This recipe is cheaper and healthier than buying commercial air fresheners at the store. DIY Essential Oil Gel Air Freshener Supplies: Assorted glass jars with lids 2 packets (1oz ea) unflavored gelatin ½ cup boiling water ½ cup ice water Essential oils of your choice Assorted food coloring, if desired {Read More}

Did you doodle? Notebook nail art tutorial

Did anyone else always use their pen to doodle in their notebook paper when they were bored? In honor of back to school season, I’m going to show you how to turn your nails into sheets of lined paper and doodle away. Doodle Notebook Nail Art Tutorial Colors Used: For Paper LA Colors Energy Source (White) Julep’s Maddie (Pink) Rimmel London Blue My Mind (Blue) For Doodles LA Colors Art Deco Lacquer in Black Revlon Saucy (Red) Sally Hansen Jumpin’ {Read More}

Happy Kitty Nail Art Tutorial

Ready for another super cute nail art tutorial from Brooke? Today she’s sharing her Happy Kitty nail art instructions. Happy Kitty Nail Art Tutorial Colors Used: Julep’s Kelsey (Peach) Julep’s Maddie (Pink) Julep’s Colette (Purple) Other Tools Used: Dotting Tool Nail Art Brush Toothpick Skill Level: Medium-Hard Begin by using a nail art brush to create the shape of the cat’s ears over a clean nail or basecoat.   This should start with a semicircle and continue down along each side {Read More}

Tips to reduce digital eye strain for kids

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central for the American Optometric Association. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation. #MC #AOA Digital eye strain is a concern for ALL of the members of our house. Mykl and I both work on computers all day, so it’s imperative for us to be aware and take preventative measures to protect our eyes. Even though our kids don’t work full-time in front of a screen, we’re {Read More}

A new promise from JOHNSON’S Baby #PromiseToBaby

This post was written in partnership with The Motherhood & JOHNSON’S® Baby. I’ve always been a fan of JOHNSON’S® Baby products. They’re kind of a quintessential part of having a newborn – every single baby shower I’ve ever been to has included at least one JOHNSON’S® Baby product as a gift to the new mom. Levi is almost 4 years old and I still use their Intense Moisture Relief cream for his eczema. Oh, and I totally use their Baby Shampoo for the {Read More}

Cheetah Print Nail Art Tutorial

Animal prints are still trendy in a big way and cheetah is the sassiest of them all. You can add the look as a nail art accent by follow these directions. Since it’s summer, I swapped out the usual cheetah brown color and replaced it with hot pink for a vibrant look. Colors Used: Julep’s Kelsey Julep’s Maddie Sally Hansen’s Celeb City (220) Dr.’s Remedy CALMING Enriched Clear Sealing Top Coat Other Tools Used: Toothpick, dotting tool, or nail art {Read More}