Llamas are in this season

This past weekend, our family celebrated Father’s Day with my dad by going out to a llama farm near his girlfriend’s house. Because llamas are totally “in” this season. The kids and adults all had a blast hanging out with the llamas and feeding them. It was something new and different and fun that our family did, not something I was planning to blog about. At least, I wasn’t until I got an email from the fine PR folks behind {Read More}

Movie Review: Finding Dory

Mr. Grey (Mykl) and I attended an advanced screening of Finding Dory for date night earlier this week. Enjoy his spoiler-free review!   A little back story 13 years ago, a friend of mine who’s first-born was only a few months old shared his experience of seeing Finding Nemo. Specifically, the first few harrowing minutes when Marlin’s wife and all but one egg (Nemo) was lost in the blink of an eye. This was a bit too close for comfort {Read More}

Disney Trailer: Moana

Does the ocean call to you? I don’t know about you, but I feel like the ocean is always calling me. Unfortunately, I live in MN. Lots of lakes, more beachline than California, but no oceans. Sad panda. Disney recently released the first trailer for the movie, and I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I’m bummed there isn’t much of Moana in the teaser. She’s the next Disney princess, so I’m interested {Read More}

Sexiest Dads Alive?

I think these babywearing, dancing dads might just be the very best eye candy I’ve ever come across. Babywearing. Dancing. Choreography. Confidence. Yup, this is awesome. GroovaRoo, a San Diego-based dance studio, has been making waves with videos of their classes where parents dance while babywearing. The classes aren’t just for moms, either. As you can see in the video above, dads have gotten in on the action, too. Is this the next new fitness craze? I don’t know. But {Read More}

Parent & Kid Perspective: Max Movie Review

Guest post by Mykl Roventine, also known as Mr. Grey and the Life With Levi Movie Reviewer when Jen isn’t available. Max, which opens today, touts itself as a family action adventure movie but families with younger kids might want to pay attention to the PG rating, so earned for a fair amount “action violence/peril”. My girls, 10 and 13 years old, were very excited to see the film based on the trailer. I approached the screening with some trepidation, {Read More}

Glee Season Finale – I tried not to cry but just couldn’t help it

Image credit: Wikimedia Two things you should know about me right off the bat: I have no idea when the season finale actually aired because I’m perpetually behind on actually catching up with TV shows. I cry during sad movies and TV. Like, a lot. To the point where Mykl often has to ask if I’m ok because I’ve turned into a sobbing mess totally unlike my regular assertive, snarky self. Tonight I reached a breaking point on some website {Read More}

The Illusionists: Should You Leave The Kids At Home?

Yesterday Mykl and I had the pleasure of attending a media night for The Illusionists at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts. The show bills itself as a high-tech magic extravaganza, and I think it delivers. There’s a variety of magic acts with something for everyone. Well, almost everyone… Should You Bring Your Kids? There were children of all ages in the audience last night. They seemed to enjoy the show, but as a parent of kids ages 4.5, 9, {Read More}

Cinderella: Disney Magic Races Against the Stroke of Midnight

I was able to attend an advance screening of Cinderella last week, and let me tell you, Disney magic is still alive and well and able to beat the stroke of midnight. Mykl is planning to take the girls to see Cinderella this weekend as a daddy-daughter double date, and I have no doubt they’re going to enjoy the movie. It’s everything we expect of the Disney classic we’ve all grown up with, with a few more down-to-earth moments that {Read More}

Barbie isn’t just sexist about computer engineering, she’s also insulting

Barbie’s idea of computer engineering isn’t just sexist – it’s insulting to our children. The Internet response has been fantastic in addressing how the book I Can Be a Computer Engineer  should have been written. But I’m still mad about the story itself.  should have been written. But I’m still mad about the story itself. Let’s try to put the sexism aside for a moment. It’s still a crap book that, quite frankly, is insulting to our children. Let’s take the basic premise of {Read More}

VeggieTales In The House: New Netflix Series Premieres Nov 26th

Netflix and Dreamworks Animation will be unveiling their new original series VeggieTales In The House on November 26th, just in time for Thanksgiving. I was given a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the new VeggieTales series earlier this year and couldn’t be more excited to finally get to see the Netflix series come to life. The first 5 episodes (each consisting of 2 mini episodes) will be available to stream on Netflix beginning November 26th. With a refreshed look, {Read More}