Care About the Environment? Choose Cartons!

I’ve been teaching my girls about recycling and natural energy sources for a while now. We work hard to create as little waste as possible and keep our carbon footprint small. While we’d love to drive a hybrid and live in a solar powered house, that isn’t in the budget right now, so we do what we can. Even little steps like recycling and using paper cartons can help.

We don’t have a curb-side recycling program in our area, which surprises me. I live in St. Louis so you’d think we’d be on the up and up. Over 41 million households have access to carton recycling, and that number is on the rise. In addition, cartons are made from renewable materials โ€“ more than 70 percent of the carton is made from paper!


Paper Cartons

Evergreen has taught me a lot about how the packaging we choose makes a difference. I love that you can repurpose cartons for crafts and other fun activities.

The paper fiber contained in cartons is very valuable. Recycled cartons are used to make products such as office paper, wall boards and other building materials. To learn if your community accepts cartons for recycling, please visit

Evergreen Packaging is a global leader in creating fiber-based packaging solutions customized to deliver product freshness and brand distinction. Evergreen Packaging is a vertically integrated packaging company, delivering total solutions of barrier paperboard, technical expertise, equipment and service.

Evergreen Packaging cartons have the eco-friendly attributes consumers want: more than 70 percent of the carton is made from paper derived from a renewable resource: trees. Cartons are also recyclable for an increasing number of households. In addition, our cartons are made with renewable energy โ€“ over 50% of the energy used to make the paper in our carton comes from biomass.

For more fun, and great tips, like Evergreen on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Fridge Hunt

Just to see exactly how much we are contributing to the world’s waste problem, I went on a Fridge Hunt! Our fridge is mostly packed with fresh fruits and vegetables, since we are vegetarians. We have a gallon of skim milk, which is in a plastic carton, condiments, and some butter. We have a few paper cartons as well (small milks for the kids, iced coffee for me!). I know paper cartons keep food fresh, and I actually prefer them over plastic whenever possible.

Moving Forward

Moving forward, I want to continue to teach my family to think about what the packaging is like when we choose a food we like. Is this package recyclable? Is it going to end up in a landfill for years and years, taking forever to break down? Is there a better alternative?

By recycling, you are conserving energy and natural resources as well as protecting the environment.

How YOU Can Help

Every carton fact shared, via Twitter, using the hashtag #choosecartons will help raise money for Habitat for Humanityยฎ. For more information, visit

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Evergreen and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


  1. what a great informative post! i did not know that more than 70 percent of the carton is made from paper! theres alot in this post i can use to help my kids learn more about recycling! thanks!!:D

  2. Jill A. Collins says:

    I think it’s awesome that your teaching your kids about recycling even though there is not a program in your community. It will be force of habit for them when they become adults. That can only be a good thing!

  3. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I too try to be eco-friendly and my neighborhood does recycle. I can even bring batteries to a recycyling plant!

  4. Stephanie Hungerford says:

    I love the recycling diagram and the information about how paper cartons are better because they can be recycled in to other house hold products.

  5. I enjoyed reading this . It is very informative about recycling. The diagram is great to show the kids to so they can understand the process more. We recycle alot and I teach my grandson what goes in the bins. We all need to do our share in helping keep our environment as clean as possible.

  6. Barbara P. says:


  7. natalia ellin says:

    i love being eco-friendly makes me feel so good:)

  8. kamilah says:

    cool & easy tip, thank you

  9. darlene bohannon says:

    i love recycling,i reuse every thing that i can. it saves the enviornment,plus saves you money too

  10. thankyou ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Doreen Lamoureux says:

    It does feel good to recycle. I also love using containers for crafts, etc. Our environment is so important.

  12. Jennifer Dysart says:

    Thanks, recycling and opting for more biodegradable materials is so important!

  13. Jessica P. says:

    We donโ€™t have a curb-side recycling program in our area either.:/ Great post! It’s awesome that sharing carton facts on Twitter can help raise money for Habitat for Humanity! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Karrie Smith says:

    Thanks. I didn’t know you could raise money that way!

  15. Kathy Swiam Idol says:

    I recycle at my house. I wish more people would do it

  16. Miranda W says:

    Thank you very much for this post. I’ve been trying to get my friends and family to recycle everything possible. Some are receptive to it and some aren’t. I reuse just about everything I can get my hands on and my granddaughters have come up with some really great craft ideas. Even the little one can turn any box into a toy or a drum. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Jessica Miller says:

    thanks for all the information!

    great post.

  18. carol roberts says:

    i recyle also here at our house

  19. Lauren U says:

    I always try to avoid plastic. Not only is it bad for the environment, but I believe it is toxic.

  20. Chelsea Saulpaugh says:

    I’m quite surprised you don’t have curbside recycling. That is so frusturating. We are lucky to have an awesome curbside recycling program. We also try to do all the little things to reduce our carbon footprint. Yay, Green!

  21. interesting and insightful ty for sharing

  22. Karina Lee says:

    thanks for all this wonderful info

  23. Marthalynn says:

    This was really eye-opening! I never realized there was such a difference between packaging. I do love re-using cartons for craft projects with my son. Thanks for this valuable info!

  24. Sherry Compton says:

    Thanks for the wonderful information and sites. We don’t have a curbside pick up for recycling either. It would be nice. I collect are plastics, cardboard, paperboard, and catalogs throughout the week then drive it to a recycling center.

  25. kayla j says:

    Thanks for the tip ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. We try to be as eco-friendly as much as we can. Great post.

    Following you.

  27. bernice rodriguez says:

    in my house we recycle and get point for doing that

  28. sharing this post w/ my son!

  29. teressa oliver says:

    I live in an area that doesnt support recycling much. thanks for this info to help make it easier for my family

  30. our community does have curbside recycling. Our MUA, however, dumps everything in the same landfill. They say it is because the recycle area is full. REALLY?? Empty it dude!

  31. Jennifer Hiles says:

    I consider myself to be fairly green but I never even thought about choosing cartons over plastic – just never crossed my mind. glad I read this. thanks.

  32. we have curb side recycling, however there have been times when our MUA has mixed all trash. they said it was because the recycling plant was full. this was a few years ago however i no longer trust them. So now I try to do more re-purposing then recycling. I love pinterest for that, there are so many great ideas there.

  33. We do have curb-side recycling and I’ve often thought about this issue when buying eggs… seems to me that the paper cartons are much better since I can put them in recycling. I don’t buy the ones in styrofoam packages.

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