Will run for bacon: Bacon Chase .05K Race Recap

Earlier this summer Mykl & I ran our first race together – the Birdtown 4k. This month we switched to something a little more our speed – the Bacon Chase .05k.

Yes, that’s right – point zero five k. AKA approximately 164 feet.

I’m pretty sure we got way more of a workout rushing from the car to the start line. But we had to go – there was bacon waiting for us!

The Bacon Chase sounded great on paper, but was obviously going through some growing pains in their first year. For starters, the event was held at Lake Nokomis, which is a really large area currently surrounded by tons of road construction. Upon arriving, it was really unclear where the check-in and starting line were. Our parking spot wound up being a 20 min hike to the registration area.

Once we found it, things started looking up. There was a festival atmosphere, with a DJ playing and plenty of spots for photo opps. Check in seemed well-organized, and they were running the participants in waves to avoid crowding on the track.

The next part, though, was a serious letdown. The big draw for the event was the promise of unlimited bacon at the finish line. Now, I didn’t expect unlimited bacon, since that’s quite a hefty feat for over 2,000 registered participants, but I did expect SOME bacon. After Mykl and I crossed the finish line, we learned they had already run out of bacon.

The Bacon Chase ran out of bacon.

No bacon = super sad Jen.

They did still have Bloody Marys for runners over age 21 (the registration fee also included one free one for each participant). There were different flavors and they were a bit watered down, but it was still a nice touch. Plus, it was garnished with bacon, so I finally got at least a little taste of what I had signed up for.

The best part, by far, was the mechanical pig. That alone was worth going. Mykl and I both took a turn trying to ride it. I kicked his ass and lasted about twice as long as he did. There’s video proof, but I promised he could look it over before I post it.


Although it wasn’t what I expected, we still had a fun time. The event raised a ton of money for St Jude, which is awesome. I heard other cities were better planned out and participants had a great time.

If they do it again next year, we’ll be sure to get there early so we can park closer and actually eat some bacon.



  1. A BACON race?! I’d even run (nope, I’d walk it!) the 5k for bacon!

    I’m sorry you had some let downs, but it sounds like things will be better next year!

  2. What a bummer on the no bacon! At least you got a drink and had a chance to ride the pig (boy that sounds odd! lol)

  3. How sad that you ran for bacon and then there was no bacon?! The mechanical pig sounds like a lot of fun though.

  4. What a fun event, but it’s a bit of a fail to run out of bacon!

  5. So sad about no bacon. I did the Chicago one and we had a TON of bacon. Way more than anyone could finish!

  6. Angela S says:

    What? They ran out of bacon? That bloody mary looks like a good consolation prize. I love that you are getting out there and running, even if it’s for bacon. LOL

  7. This cracked me up! I’ve never heard of a bacon race but how disappointing that they ran out of bacon! Maybe they’ll be better prepared next time around.

  8. Now running for bacon. That is something pretty awesome!

  9. Oh my goodness! That’s too funny. I’m so out of shape I could probably only do a .05k.

  10. Bummer no bacon. I love the distance, purpose and theme.

  11. I’ve never heard of a Bacon run or a 0.5K. That’s a shame that they ran out of a promised part of the race! Seems like maybe they didn’t plan very well.

  12. You look so beautiful and happy! It sounds like a great run. Bacon is awesome.

  13. How can you have a bacon chase and then run out of bacon? Then you’re just chasing for nothing. It looks fun, though.

  14. This looks like a fun race… and the bacon! Yum!

  15. I love your attitude about the whole thing and the fact that you focus on the important stuff which is the money raised for St. Jude… I also love that you are eager to do it again next year and I pray the organizers learn from this year’s mistakes and how other cities handled the various details to put on a fabulous event next time around 🙂

  16. This sounds like a ton of fun!

  17. Aww sorry they ran out of bacon! I love the idea of it though. I don’t eat bacon but the .05K would totally draw me in lol

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