Awesome Dog House

I kind of want to build something like this for my dogs – if I added a slide, it could double as a play set for Levi, too 🙂

Husky Dog House


  1. seeing the picture and not reading your post yet i was thinking “it needs a slide” lol

  2. That is fun! Too bad the size I’d have to make one to fit our Saint Bernard and Collie/Blue Heeler would take up half the darn yard…

  3. I love that picture!! Now, I just need to convince my husband to let us get a dog.

  4. If I built one of these, my dog would be one spoiled furbaby. Lola doesn’t spend enough time outside really to merit a big fancy house like this because the climate where I live is either hotter than heck, freezing, or raining, etc. We take her on seriously long walks instead lol. I like your idea about adding a slide for Levi 🙂

  5. This is amazing! My dog would be in heaven.

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