And The Brandcation Winners Are…

There were 36 Fantastic and beautifully written entries into the Brandcation trip contest. Some included video, some were heartfelt, and some had fantastic reasons on why they wanted to attend our 4th Brandcation. It was such a shame we only had one ticket to give away.

Or did we…

During the course of this contest, we unfortunately had a blogger have to give up her ticket due to a work situation. While we are VERY VERY sad to see her not be able to attend, we are going to gift out her ticket to a second winner and Lynsey from Moscato Mom offered to pick up the cabin tab.

So in the end, we have been able to pick TWO bloggers based on the generosity of our attending bloggers and their kindness in supporting the women on this event. Which goes to show you just what kind of event this is!

The judges on this sponsorship were Kim and Nicole (on the Brandcation staff) and Toni, Lynsey, and Jen, all whom donated towards the sponsorships. Trisha asked them to send her their top 3 bloggers out of what they read, in order of their picks, and not to copy any other judge. There were two bloggers that were consistently in all the judges emails in spaces 1 and 2 back to her.

Without further ado, the winners are:

Melissa from Fun Saving Mom, whom put together a really authentic video on why she wanted to attend and what she does all day as a mom

Please click here if you are unable to view the video above.


Cyn from Daily Cynema, whom put up laugh out loud photoshopped photos of herself "attending", while also adding her desire to bike to Brandcation for charity.

Let me make something super clear.

There was not one bad entry in the bunch. NOT ONE.

Every blogger that entered deserved to win and as bloggers ourselves, we understand the hearts that go into an entry and the hope to win in the end. The simple fact is there could only be 1 (and lucky for us 2) in this case but it does not mean that we won’t have other tickets come up. If we do, we will revisit this list to see if we can offer them back out, so please let us know below if you would still like to attend if the ticket (but nothing else) was sponsored. You can read more about past Brandcation events here. If for any reason either of these two bloggers cannot attend, we will revisit the entries for a new winner.

We do BEG you to join the forum and get to know the bloggers (and soak up their knowledge) in attendance and hopefully be one of the first to grab a ticket on the next one we host. I also will list there if we have a ticket open up for any reason. We have a major amount of fun, get to expose the bloggers to really fantastic content to share back on their blogs, and do a ton of bonding. At the end of the day blogging can be very lonely if you isolate yourself. We use Brandcations to connect to brands, bloggers, and to finally meet up with some "co-workers" in a healthy non-competitive environment.

Thank you for every blogger that took the time to enter. We are humbled by your time and thoughtfulness and talent.


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  2. Congrats to the winners!

  3. Congrats to the winners! I would love to still attend if something came up!

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