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I’m Jen, the author here at Life With Levi. I’m a boring business analyst by day and professional loudmouth by night. Oversharing my life online is kind of my thing, and my site has given me a great outlet to connect with readers around the globe that relate to my attempts at balancing a career with a family.

My son Levi and I call Minneapolis, MN our home. Well, we actually call our home the Pirate House, but that’s another story. Pirates and zombies are kind of my thing.

Levi is 3 years old and the highlight of my life. He an amazing little boy and teaches me something new every day. Like that it’s not easy to clean petroleum jelly off hardwood floors.

Corn Maze Tractor[3]

Although I guess I’m technically a single mom, I have a pretty awesome boyfriend (affectionately nicknamed Mr Grey by my readers) that I share my home with. Mykl has two girls – Tillie is 11 & Lucy is 8 – that also live with us.

This blog is my space to share our lives – the ups, the downs, and everything in between.

Strider Boy[3]

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing.