A Public Non-Apology

If you guys remember my 10,000 Facebook fan giveaway, I did something completely different from my normal stuff and made a purely fun giveaway. I picked out, purchased, and shipped the prizes myself.

Since things at home aren’t exactly peachy right now with the whole separation/divorce stuff, it took me a little longer to get them all shipped than I expected.

I apologize to anyone that hasn’t received their prize yet for ruining the surprise – this is what I sent:


They’re Eco Orbies, a product one of my friends sells that I happen to think is really cool. They start out as tiny little bead-looking things, then when you soak them in water, they grow to the size of small marbles. You can use them as decoration, to water your plants, float candles in them, or just as a fun little science experiment with your kids.

I chose them as a prize for several reasons – they’re eco-friendly, non-toxic, and reusable, which are all things I try to look for in products I use for my family. They are also small, easy to ship, and fun.

This photo from Crippled Girl shows just how tiny they are before you soak them in water:

Eco Orbies

So I’m sure you can imaging my disappointment when I received an email from one of the winners accusing me of, essentially, sending her anthrax in the mail and telling me about her concern for her family’s safety and intent to call the cops. She went on to say my giveaway was a “waste of your fan’s time” and that the prize was lame. She called out my integrity as a blogger citing misuse of her information and urged me to make a public apology here on my blog.

Apparently, this reader did not receive the message I sent out last week letting everyone know what I sent without giving away the surprise:

Subject: NOT DRUGS! – Life With Levi 10,000 fan giveaway

I figured that would get your attention. But since someone asked, I figured I’d better tell y’all – I did not send you drugs. Promise.

I sent you these: http://bit.ly/RU2U1F (If you haven’t received them yet and want to be surprised, do NOT click the link)

The website above includes instructions and ideas for using them. I have some and LOVE them. They’re eco-friendly, non-toxic, and reusable. All things I like in a product. 
Please be careful opening your envelope from me. Your surprise is in a plastic baggie inside the inner envelope. Sometimes baggies can break, which is why I put them inside an envelope, too. Totally worth the extra shipping 🙂

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. If you come up with a cool idea for using them and send me a photo, I’ll share it on my blog!


Now, I realize my choice of subject line was poor and might have been filtered as SPAM through mail filters – I own that mistake. However, if you read my blog or my Facebook page, you should know that “so random” is kind of my thing.

As far as wasting my fan’s time – I’m pretty sure I didn’t MAKE anyone enter the giveaway. I created fun entry options, like hugging your kids and baking brownies, because the whole point was to be silly about it.

I’m not going to apologize. I didn’t mislead anyone (I offered a mystery prize and sent one to the winners). I didn’t misuse information (winner’s info was only used for the purpose of communicating information about the giveaway prize status and mailing the prize directly to them). I have no intentions of being more prudent in the future – I plan on continuing to be me, since this is my blog and my space to express myself.

I certainly appreciate reader feedback and I can assure you I will keep this email in mind if I ever hit another blogging milestone – by not doing another giveaway like this. Not because it wasn’t fun and I didn’t enjoy it, but because it’s not worth the hassle of receiving hurtful emails that question my integrity as a blogger.

UPDATE: A lot of you saw the original email from the reader I posted here and responded with your thoughts either here or on Facebook. I have since removed the text from her email because she threatened to sue me over it. I probably shouldn’t be surprised since she also thought I sent her anthrax, but really? You couldn’t just ask me to please remove your email from the post? I don’t take kindly to being bullied – there are too many victims of cyber bullying out there already. I did take it down, though, because I don’t like drama as a general principle.

I DO want to share the response I received from my friend Ryan at StudioWars.com after he read the post. (Don’t worry, he gave me permission!) He wanted to make sure everyone could tell the difference between Eco Orbies and Anthrax. Can you see why I like him?


(As a sidenote, I happen to have an intellectual property rights lawyer on retainer right now since I’m going through the trademark process, and he laughed when he read her follow-up “threat” to me. Apparently she understood the basics of copyright law, but conveniently overlooked the consent she gave for me to publish her email by asking for “a public apology on this via your blog.”)


  1. You go girl. It is your blog and nobody forces anyone to enter giveaways. If you don’t like the prize (or don’t like surprises) then don’t enter. I for one think the beads are kind of cool the way they blow up in water.

  2. Looks like someone was a bit paranoid, in need of attention or having some fun little hormone swings. I invite her to forward the prize to me, I’ll gladly take the risk… lol

  3. WOW SERIOUSLY?? anthrax?? the stuff ppl say is just crazy!! Kudos to keeping your head up. Like you said you didnt force them to enter!! i think its a pretty cool prize!! Sorry to hear about your separation/divorce Prayer is key!!!! God Loves you!

  4. I’ve seen those at fairs, they are so cool! They feel really neat when wet, too. I’m sorry that you had an ungrateful “fan”. I hope s/he enters fewer giveaways, there will be more for people who appreciate the sometimes random prizes we win. 🙂

  5. Oh that was a rude email you got. I am so sorry!!! cool prize!

  6. Wow, really? Anthrax? I’ve won a giveaway and been disappointed with the prize when we got it (after they asked me to pay shipping & I said absolutely not) but I didn’t tell them I didn’t like it and I certainly didn’t ask them to apologize to me (who won something, for free, that no one forced me to enter).

    Next time, just send the stuff to me 🙂

  7. My sister used those for her wedding center pieces. They are so cool. One of the guys ate one because he thought they were grapes, and we all had our hands in the bowls all night as they were “growing”! They feel soooo cool!!! Awesome prize Jen! Some people just can’t be grateful and shut their mouths….too bad she won and not someone who would have played with their new slimy balls all night!

  8. How can anyone get anthrax by looking at a package of small balls that turn into pretty marbles is beyond me. Sorry you have to deal with this especially during a divorce. The only one lacking judgement is her. We live in an era where you need to check your spam folder religiously. You don’t know how many times I’ve received important e-mails in the spam folder. She could have taken the time to read the e-mail.

    Let me know if you ever run a giveaway for this prize again. I’ll be more than happy to enter! 🙂

  9. Wow. Just Wow. That mind must be a scary place to live. Meanwhile, back at the ranch….So how can one use these interesting orbs for a plant?

    • Jeanne, I got to try these a while back from the same friend that Jen got hers from and you can actually use them in place of water/soil in a vase. I kept a bouquet of Calla Lilies in them and another blogger I know had great results with bamboo in them.

      • I won some in another contest/website, my question is do you just put the plant in them without water?

        • You can use them two ways – once they’re soaked/expanded with water, you can just use the orbies by themselves and the plants roots will soak up water from them. The other way (which is what I do) is to add them to the soil around your plant (I toss the un-soaked orbies in a plastic bag with my soil to get it all combined) – then when I water, the orbies expand in the soil and release the water back out as needed. It works awesome for me, because I’m TERRIBLE at remembering to water my plants. Plus it has a bonus effect of keeping the soil from compacting too much since the orbies are expanding each time you water.

  10. Don’t apologize. And anyone who expects one is an idiot (and I won’t apologize for that either.) It was a FREE giveaway, one that I’m assuming probably took very little time to enter.

    Maybe since they mentioned that your blog targets Mom’s and kids, you can let them know that you were trying to teach them a couple of lessons – ones that I’m hoping they’ll pass on to their kids. Beggars can’t be choosers, and you get what you get and you don’t get upset. It’s OK not to be thrilled with a prize (to be honest, we wouldn’t have had much use for them here, because I don’t really decorate like that and my youngest is a human garbage disposal who will put anything in his mouth) but to take the time to send an email like that (the email, I would guess, probably took longer than the entry into the contest) is totally rude and uncalled for.

    As for the 9/11 comment – please. Call the police. I’m sure they don’t have better things to deal with. Here’s a hint: Don’t want random things showing up at your door, don’t give out your address over the internet.

  11. The “emailer” is a bit paranoid. We have ordered some the beads as well, and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed them. As you said they are great for anyone, and have a lot of great qualities. If you are sending out lots of prizes these are a good way to go, they aren’t expensive and aren’t heavy (making shipping inexpensive as well). We put some in the bottom of a clear glass vase and added flowers-my daughter loved “checking the beads” to see if they “grew” everyday! We received lots of compliments on our set up as well. the “emailer” needs to be more grateful and keep ugly comments to herself. If she didn’t like the prize donate them and move on with your life.

  12. Shoot I will take the anthrax prize if that means I get something fun in the mail! That winner needs to pull the stick out of her behind and be a little more grateful. Can you have a giveaway for anthrax chocolates next please? I would very much like to play along. 🙂

  13. Wow! ::mouth hanging open:: I have no words!

  14. DUDE!!! SERIOUSLY??? Some people need to stay off the internet! I, for one, would have been happy to receive any prize but clearly someone drinking the cool-aid should have read the fine print… Like, the part about it being a SURPRISE!!! Argh, there’s one in every family, right? Hopefully he/she sees us all laughing at his/her silly comments and thinks twice before entering a SURPRISE giveaway!!!
    As far as the other stuff, you’ve got big balls girlfriend (I mean that in a good way). Not only do you have the strength to be going through what you are at the moment, you have the guts to let us into your world. I truly hope there are more supporters of your efforts than douche-bags that try to tell you how to live your life. Stay strong in who you are, because I think you are a true soul just letting people know that we are not alone in our own thoughts and worlds, there are so many out there going through the same thing, some of us just haven’t found the courage or voice to be there yet.
    Keep on keepin’ on!!! And give that little one a big squish from your non-loony fans!!!

  15. baaaahahahahaha – that person is just pissed that it wasn’t something she really wanted. If there is one thing I’ve learned in life it’s that most people are ungrateful. You like them she didn’t – she should have been an adult about it and kept her mouth shut except to say thank you. So go on and keep being you because you are pretty awesome.

  16. Wow..seriously…My kids love those things..play with them as a sensory activity! IMHO that person is just upset they didn’t get something else but hey you clearly advertised it as a surprise..so if you didn’t want to be surprised don’t enter..but seriously why would you post all over the internet via your blog that you were mailing out prizes to people with the winners names and then mail something poisonous..Do some people not really think before they email??

  17. Wow someone ate a big bowl of fruit loops for breakfast. That lady must have a very interesting life.

  18. LMAO – I wish I could literally laugh in that person’s face. 9/11, really? OMGGG you should have told her to go ahead and contact the police. Except that she also said they were cheap from a craft store (RUDE! Who says that about something FREE? Even if they were.) so clearly she wasn’t actually fearful. Ugh, that’s the downside to blogging giveaways. People are just greedy – Both people who only post giveaways and those who only read blogs to enter them.

  19. Wow, What was she thinking???? How silly and parinoid can a person get? I don’t think she was a “real” fan because she would know you better then that! Keep you chin up Haters gonna Hate. But I think you have more fans then haters 🙂 Keep up the awesome work we love you!

  20. *Paranoid…whoops 😛

  21. I Hope you don’t let it get to you too much.the woman was a drama queen.
    Hang in there.

  22. Tell that lady I’ll be more than happy to take those off her hands.

  23. I wish I would have entered because I always wanted some of those! But really? I lose faith in humanity when I see stupid things like you were sent. People are loco.

  24. Angie Kelley says:

    Wow. Some people amaze me! What an ungrateful…..umm…woman! Those beads are so cool! You can plant plants in them instead of dirt. I was going to buy a bamboo plant that was in them at a flea market but I didn’t want to carry it all day so I was supposed to go back before they closed but I forgot until it was to late. Peoples attitudes amaze me. The ungrateful drama queen can send her prize out to me but I’m pretty sure she’s to cheap to pay shipping for one prize let alone multiple ones like you do.

  25. Some people have NO filter, and this is apparently the case with “anthrax girl.” The last time I checked, anthrax was a powder, not colorful tiny balls…. Maybe she’s never seen balls before, and didn’t know what they looked like?
    At any rate, I love your blog, and you can send me prizes any time you’d like :)>

  26. I am so sorry you got such a horrible email. I think the prize you sent sounds like FUN!!!

  27. I’m paranoid as can be. Guns in the house, security systems, and dogs kind of paranoid… but still I wouldn’t think someone was sending me anthrax or something in the mail. What kind of person has that big of an ego to think they’re so special that some *evil blogger* would go through the trouble of targeting them for some mischievous scheme anyway? Seriously, get over yourself lady.

    On the nice side of things, Eco-Orbies rock. I love the ones I have and would have loved to have gotten them in another color as a prize. They’re incredible for kids to see and, if they have sensory problems, to feel. If you leave it where they can reach and they do stick one in their mouth it will taste horrible. Especially if you put scented oils on them to make them smell good. Shock here though! They’ll be fine. The woman who runs that company wouldn’t sell anything but absolutely non-toxic and eco-friendly pretties.

  28. Amanda Yelverton says:

    I saw another blogger make the comment yesterday about people putting hateful messages on a company’s FB page about a giveaway not working or running slow. Our society is FILLED with people who think they are entitled to things, I was always taught to be thankful for ANYTHING that was given to them. I enter giveaways all the time and am always so excited to win anything. I rarely do, but I still enjoy the giveaway and DO NOT belittle the person hosting or the company! Please keep your head up and don’t let one person or a few ruin what you work so hard for. I am sorry to hear about the separation/divorce. I have been there and I know how taxing it is, even more so when there is a child involved. You don’t need the extra stress of one ingrate!

  29. Julie Jones says:

    Sorry you were hurt by that email. Some people just don’t care. One way I’ve seen these used is to put hand sanitizer in a bowl full of eco orbies and dip your hands in it from time to time. I don’t know enough “science” to know if this would continue to work and for how long but i thought it was a neat idea.

  30. Jacqui Odell says:

    WOW!!! I Love my eco orbies and would love to win some more!

  31. If she really did call the police, that was a RIDICULOUS waste of the police’s time, and I hope they told her so. I don’t know why someone would think that those eco-orbs would be laced with anthrax. What a strange person.

  32. I have a bunch of these and I LOVE them. I’m not sure how anyone could think that they would be something dangerous. I have lucky bamboo in some and my kids use others for various stations while doing their schoolwork. Don’t so doing what you love and being who you are because one person can’t appreciate the prize you selected.

    BTW, the purple ones in the glasses look awesome!

  33. Those orange and purple balls would have freaked me out if they showed up in my mailbox, especially the week of September 11th. My goodness, don’t you think of the people when you give them free stuff?! What’s wrong with you?
    (in case anyone misses it, that was sarcasm….they really need a “sacrasm font”)

  34. Shelley Drady Enright says:

    The persons response to your giveaway was absurd! First, there isn’t anything wrong with your choice of prize. It was great. My kids love having fun with those things. My husband brought some home a couple months ago. As for a choking hazard. Are you serious!?! These things start off super tiny and still only get to the size of a large pea. If your child can eat solid food then there isn’t a way to choke on them. If they were the size of a grape, possibly. Secondly, why should you get blasted about a mystery prize? She is the one who entered a giveaway not knowing what the prize was. Maybe she should stick to giveaways that describe the item. Sheesh. She is a little full of herself to say the least. It shows her ungrateful, snobbish nature. Her letter says more about her than anything she was ranting about. To throw around useless threats and make belittling comments shows she is a miserable person who feels better putting others down which is so sad. You can always feel better knowing at least you aren’t her!

  35. Seeing as how they arrived the week of 9/11.
    In a package marked clearly with who it was sent from, nothing mysterious.
    From a blog that you’re familiar with, and it was a package that you were expecting.
    After you were emailed an update to let you know what the contents were, since they might be confusing upon arrival if you’re not familiar with this product….

    Yes, it’s totally logical to imagine that it might be that blogger’s way of spreading her own version of bloggy-terrorism via anthrax-laced eco beads. What a devious plan… Have terrorists disguise themselves as American mom bloggers, run “surprise prize” giveaways to get addresses of households in America {because there is NO other way to get addresses….} – and then BAM! Ship them anthrax as a prize. Mwaaahahahaha – oh, it’s genius! 🙂

    Don’t let it get you down hon… I always figure, people like this must be unhappy in their lives. If THAT is the conclusion that she jumps to, and would seriously entertain the thought of calling the police over this, then she’s having a few more problems in her life than you are, and hers are going to be a LOT tougher to fix. Ya know?

    You rock. The prize rocked. I hope the rest of your week still rocks 🙂

  36. A) RIDICULOUS that someone would expect an apology because they don’t like the prize they received, and B) those “beads” are awesome!! I had some and couldn’t stop touching them, they’re crazy!

    Keep on being you!

  37. I love your blog..you are always creative and have great blog posts! Don’t let anyone get you down!

  38. I cannot believe the nerve of that reader. What a lack of intelligence. As a fellow blogger, I would not have been as nice as you are right now about this situation. I bet she feels completely stupid now.

  39. Anthrax?! Really? This is right up there with when after 9/11 we had a customer accuse Target of having anthrax in the pockets of their stone wash jeans- at least that was a white powdery substance aka: stones! Paranoia knows no bounds… A good deed never goes unpunished I guess.

  40. I’m surprised this person can even enter any giveaway considering how paranoid they seem. What a jerk! Some people are just so unappreciative! How ridiculous this person sounds asking if you sent anthrax…seriously…c’mon! I love your blog….so don’t change anything!

  41. You didn’t send instructions with them? They do look like beads. Maybe next time you could send the original packaging or an instruction sheet. The email was rude, but she didn’t know what they where, she thought you sent her beads. I’d be annoyed too if I thought you sent me beads, but I wouldn’t send you a rude email or ask you to apologize. I think you should own the fact you mailed something that needs instructions to be used, but then emailed the instructions separately.

  42. Looks like a fun prize to me! Multi-purpose too.

  43. Jen!!!! Send me some anthrax!!!!
    Wait, no…keep Scott Ian….his beard would probably shed and I can’t have pets..lol
    That’s so silly and really makes me, as a blogger, fearful of doing any further giveaways…..I’m tossing around the idea of doing one for The Hunger Games….

  44. I think this fan was clearly out of their mind. I would be grateful to win and receive anything from your giveaways. I am sorry you had to deal with that issue but just rest assure that I appreciate you and what you do.

  45. Debra June Hojnacki says:

    I am new here……. but all I can say is ………..OMG! Why would anyone think that you would send Anthrax as a surprise gift…… actually that is too stupid for anyone to actually think. But, I’m so terribly sorry that you had to go through that. Receiving hurtful emails is not something to laugh over. I hope you just shake it off, as one less person to deal with, and just go on.
    Those things are pretty cool, and I wouldn’t mind receiving them. lol
    Keep up your good work, and please don’t let one person get you down…… Just by reading your blog above shows to me that you are a good person, and you wouldn’t do anything hurtful to anyone.

  46. Trisha McKee says:

    I’m so sorry you experienced such negativity regarding something YOU did out of KINDNESS! Not what you need! Please understand that is the exception. I appreciate all you do. I recently won a contest from a blogger- it was something she, herself, put together. I received it three weeks later- she emailed to explain why- not a problem. It was such a beautiful assortment of items- one was broken but I won’t mention it to her because it was through no fault of hers and the rest of the items were in great shape. As for surprise, fun wins- wow, what did she expect? How ungrateful!

  47. Wow, she’s pretty gutsy. :-/ Stinks that you have to deal with this on top of everything else, Jen. 🙁

  48. elizabeth p says:

    Right now I am so sick of only getting bills in the mail I would probably welcome a bit of Anthrax. (JUST kidding folks, don’t really send me any).

  49. Donna Lineman says:

    Miss Jen–you just keep on keeping on! With everything you are going through right now, neither you nor Levi need people like this stomping on your joy! Just remember, God sees her vengeful spirit and will deal with her in due time. I personally love your blog and facebook page. If we did not have controversy in the world, what a boring place it would be. You were perfectly right in deciding not to apologize. I do not see where you did anything wrong. Keep up the good fight Jen and you too shall be rewarded!

  50. peggy fedison says:

    Urgh .. there will always be people that are paranoid and have nothing better to do than cause problems where there doesnt need to be any. I would have been honored and grateful to have won something like this. Just ignore her. Remember that saying, those that matter, dont mind..those that mind.. dont matter!!! Keep on keeping on and sorry about the separation/divorce. Good luck with all this!! hugsssss

  51. I agree with prior posts – she got something she didn’t like and since when has anybody ever said Anthrax was anything other than “white powder”. I guess it wasn’t too big of a deal since we didn’t hear it on the evening news. I wasn’t aware of you until somebody posted this on their facebook page – keep doing what you’re doing – she has the freedom NOT to see what you post or do.

  52. I LOVE the Anthrax-NOT Anthrax thing at the end. TOTALLY something I would come up with, that’s great! Some people just aren’t happy unless they are bitching, so just try to let it go. What an ungrateful B-word though. You fulfilled your end of the deal by sending her a “mystery” and its not YOUR problem that she has an entitlement complex and she believes that she deserves more. Karma will get her in the end! Thanks for your posts, your giveaways, and your sense of humour! I love your blog, and would HATE it if you stopped being you 🙂

  53. Jaime Lester says:

    All I can say is some people are weird, and not in the good way. I am weird, but in a good way. “I’m gonna sue ya” lady, weird in a bad way. Anyway, even though I don’t know your pal, he is officially a friend. Because when I saw the difference between ANTHRAX and anthrax, I almost spewed dr. pepper all over the laptop. On a more serious note, I really am sorry that you had to deal with that. You didn’t deserve it in the least. You did your followers a favor by offering a giveaway, because you are a nice, good person who loves your fans, and you used your own money for the prizes and shipping. EVERYONE who entered and those who won should be saying THANK YOU. I did not enter, nor win, but I will still say Thank You, because you deserve it!

  54. Beggars can’t be choosers, ungrateful little…

  55. I am so sorry to had to deal with this “griefer”. Sounds like someone who is unhappy, and likes to cause unhappiness and drama in return. Someone who probably would not have been satisfied with any prize. Her anthrax claim even suggests maybe a tad bit of instability? Because yes, that makes total sense – you, as a blogger who wants to reach more and more people every day, would send of all things …anthrax to your readers? I would take this as a lesson learned, and try to put this troll behind you and keep spreading creativity and happiness in your way.

  56. 3stoogesmom says:

    I’m just sorry that one of the prizes was wasted on someone who 1.) wasted everyone’s precious time to enter 2.) then threw it back in your face and 3.) acted like an ass when she–justifiably–felt stupid for her actions. Little people always threaten legal action when they have nothing else!!!

    I do dare say there are others like her out there, but….

    the good news is there are lots of good people out there who also appreciate what you do! To hell with the few bad apples trying to ruin the whole bushel!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if your disgruntled fan will trash-talk you, me, and everyone else standing up for what’s right here…. welcome to America, where free speech is protected, and you’re in idiot if you demand a public apology, then freak out because your own words reveal you for what you are…

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” It’s amazing how many people are willfully ignorant!

  57. Wow! Just boggles my mind when it comes to some people. We have something similar to what you sent the winners. Ours isn’t completely round and they came from Steve Spangler’s Science materials. We love doing stuff with it. We also heard that you can put it in the dirt for plants. It helps keep plants watered longer. There are so many ideas for them.

  58. I think the email should still be in the post. Makes it 10x better lol.

  59. I hope you ban her from your blog. I wouldn’t mind doing the same on my blog as well since I don’t want crazy on it!

  60. BAHAHAAA, Love the Follow up and update. Does she realize all the attention she just gave your blog. I LOVE IT. Smile and I am enjoying how you handled it and StudioWars response! Reconfirms that though their are some mean crazies, there are also good ones too 🙂

  61. WHY are there so many IDIOTS in this world?? seriously. I would like an answer to that question… *tapping fingers* okay, I’m sure you haven’t got the answer either… but c’mon people. obviously some people have too much time on their hands, as well as too much of a feeling of entitlement. GET OVER YOURSELVES.

    okay. that was my mini-rant for the day. (okay, that was my second. the first involved idiots who were apparently finding PARKING a difficult task this morning at work. sheesh. I’m done now though. I think.) 🙂

    have a great day Jen, and thanks for throwing fun contests and giveaways!

  62. Seriously, anyone who could mistake those colorful little balls with ANTHRAX is looney. It was all over the news as a powdery substance…….. who doesn’t know that yet?

  63. Totally hilarious! Gotta say, I won one of the prizes and was totally confused as to what it was, so i was actuallly going to email you and ask. Thanks for clearning that up! bahahaha. sorry I’m still cracking up. We won a prize for goodness sakes!

  64. Angie Adair says:

    Wow, what an ungrateful prude…to put it nicely. I am amazed every day with the way people act. And when they don’t have to face you face to face it is even worse. People can be so cruel. It only shows their ignorance. Keep your chin up Jen. She didn’t deserve your wonderful gift anyway.

  65. ROFL Seriously? People really are something else! ((((HUGS))))

  66. I love those orbs. I’m not even sure how you could confuse colored balls with white powder.
    I’m sorry that you have to deal with people like that. I love your blog and reading your FB posts every day 🙂

    I look forward to seeing more wonderful posts from you & maybe some day, I too can win a nice big bag of colored anthrax.

  67. I like Ryan’s photos. It really cleared things up for me.

  68. ANTHRAX! Oh my gosh… I have been laughing for the past 5 minutes… I cant stop laughing!!! I’m going to share this blog post with everyone I know, please dont sue me for it! 😉

  69. People just amaze me. I’m so sorry this happened to you! Ugh. *shakes head in disbelief*

  70. Carol Fuller says:

    Sorry you got caught in someone elses’ drama. Keep up the good work and showing us all the neat stuff you find and love getting stuff in the mail. Legal stuff that is :). GLA

  71. Well… ya win, ya lose some. Stay upbeat and this too, shall pass.

  72. She sounds like a miserable person! She has no grounds to stand on and frankly sounds money happy!!

  73. Okay, I just saw this and must admit I’m now laughing. I’d like to see the other person start a blog, get enough fans to stick around, have a fun giveaway, and receive an e-mail like that. Sorry you had to deal with that.

  74. I followed this all day yesterday! I am seriously glad i got to see the original email! I wish you’d have included the where she complained about the value of the prize in the edited form. That was my favorite (well least favorite) part.

  75. I am so sorry you had to experience this! That is how people are now though. You think they would be happy that you hosted the giveaway in the first place. Apparently she was too stupid to know what you sent her. People are ungrateful and just plain mean. But you go girl! I have been in similar situations and now I just put it out blank and to the point. If you don’t like my blog or what I am doing then get out of here!

  76. Oh my goodness! Seriously, people can be so thoughtless! Did she think she was winning a car? I think you handled it better than I would have. Thank you for sharing when you don’t have to! What ungratefulness! I appreciate you even if you send me a stick of gum….or not 🙂

  77. Laurel Wycoff says:

    I totally agree with all the previous comments! If you are going to be ungrateful, keep your mouth shut! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  78. Toni Porter says:

    There are some people that I seriously wonder how they get up out of bed in the morning without having to visit the ER. Ignore the negative ingrates, and, whatever you do, don’t apologize to them.

  79. Your winner was probably hoping for a winning lottery ticket. Some people just get their knickers in a twist and can’t undo them. SHE entered the giveaway NOT knowing, knowingly, what the surprise would be. I’m just wondering who your sponsor would be if you gave away anthrax, the government, some crazy people who are trying to take out innocent contest entrants? UGH, I’m just shaking my head at the stupidity of it all. Your blog, you get to do what you want.

  80. Wow.
    People are crazy. And ungrateful!
    Don’t let those nuts get you down, you’re doing a fabulous job and there are many of us who appreciate it!

  81. You Go Girl! Love your public non-apology! Stay strong for your little one…he’ll help you get through this tough time.

  82. What an ass. She should be completely embarrassed about her rude response and behavior. And, no, she does not have a single thread of a case against you for publishing her email. Let’s hope she stays off the internet and finds a new hobby. Maybe you can send her that One Direction puzzle you found on clearance….

  83. It’s been a year since I discovered your website (and hence, a year since I discovered the new “anthrax” scare) and I STILL get a good giggle from it. I can’t even hear a reference to the band without a little chuckle. Please keep giving away anthrax and doing all the fun stuff that makes you YOU!

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