5 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas For The Busy Mother

I know, I know. I just posted about my favorite registry items not that long ago. My friend Amanda saw my post, and since I’ve let her guest post here before, she wanted to one-up me share her ideas for baby shower gifts, and I agreed. I mean, she kinda wins, just because her list includes wine 🙂


Baby Shower

If you’re at all concerned about it, it’s not selfish to realize how little time you’ll have to go shopping for your friend’s upcoming baby shower when you already have a new bambino of your own to look after. While we’d all love the luxury of some extra time for finding that perfect “wow”-eliciting gift for our dearest of friends, the reality of motherhood doesn’t usually permit it.

The following is a list of great gift ideas to make your job a little easier while also ensuring that your gift gets the oohs and ahs we all hope for.

Bamboo Swaddles

The extra soft, extra light bamboo versions of these typically muslin swaddles are great for newborns and can last very long – my 4 year old still uses his bamboo swaddle as a blankie he loves it so much. Aden + anais offer a pretty great version of bamboo swaddle which any new mother is sure to love.

Wine Gift Baskets

For those of us who enjoy a nice glass of wine at dinner, pregnancy can be a trying nine months void of vino. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give mom something she can enjoy after she gives birth and is done breastfeeding.  If you know the mother to be has most of her needs met prior to her shower, consider getting her a wine gift basket to enjoy after the birth and weening of her little one.

Lifefactory Bottles

These glass bottles are virtually perfect for any choosy mom. For one, they’re not plastic, so there are no worries about BPA or other harmful chemicals. They also have great ergonomic, protective, and colorful silicone sleeves that perfectly function for glass protection, grip, and let’s be honest… style.

Mamas + Papas Snug Seat

While many parents tout the Bumbo as the best child seat around, the only issue I have with it is that it only lasted a couple months before my son’s chunky legs could no longer fit. The Snug Seat, however, has a bit wider leg openings than the Bumbo, and also comes with a nice snack tray attached, as opposed to being sold separately. This is a great little chair to give those infants a chance to sit alone (if they can hold their head up of course).


If an activity center or exersaucer isn’t on the gift registry, or even if it is, do her a favor and grab the Go-Pod. This foldable, portable, attractive activity center is a great option, superior to most monstrous, ugly activity centers out there today. The Go-Pod is comparatively hassle-free and allows you to attach your baby’s favorite toys right to it.

There are certainly tons of great baby shower gift ideas out there. The biggest challenge is just finding the time to check them out. Hopefully, if you too are a busy mommy, this list will at least give you a great place to begin, if not offer a unique gift right from the get-go.



  1. I love the inclusion of the wine for Mom… because some of us need that during the sleep-when-the-baby-sleeps part of life. 🙂 I also LOVE that these are eco-friendly options that wouldn’t offend a mom who is planning on being “green”. You never know who’s making that jump!

  2. The wine basket is a great gift idea. I would have loved to receive one of those!

  3. Great ideas for baby shower gifts. The Go-Pod sounds like a really cool one.

  4. The wine gift basket is such an amazingly perfect idea – I always love to see gifts for MOM at a shower 🙂

  5. Those are definately unique ideas… thanks.

  6. Completely agree, except for the seat. Lots of studies are suggesting the seat doesn’t teach sitting & can hinder muscle development in infants.

    The swaddle, wine(yes!), bottles & pod? YES! I especially like that the bottles can turn into soppy cups, and later-water bottles!!

  7. Like I need more products to swoon over while I try to get pregnant . . . *sigh* lol These are great ideas! Definitely stuff to keep in mind! 🙂

  8. I just adore your photos and the list of great registry products.


    Following ya from Make My Morning! The ride is sweet at localsugarhawaii.com and it’d be sweeter if you joined.



  9. okay wait a minute– I’ve already followed you every which way from last week. oops.

    Happy, Happy Day,


    P.S. did you say you’ve found a version of the Bumbo with a snack tray attached?– How awesome is that?!

  10. I have an friend who is pregnant and I believe I will make her a wine basket!~

  11. Great ideas! It’s never a bad idea to include a little something for the new parents too.

  12. If you’re considering a wine basket, remember my name :P. I’m not pregnant, (thank GOD!), but I could sure use it lol! I think this list is amazing! There’s something for every mom. The crunchy mom’s, green mom’s, and everything in between! Great list!

  13. I’m all about the wine basket!

  14. There are a lot of things I hadn’t heard of, but dang, sign me up for another baby if I can get these kinds of gifts! 🙂

  15. I have a busy mom and I know that she is looking for a baby gift that she can give to her friend’s new baby. I need to show this post to her and I know that this could help her a lot.

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