5 DIY Project Tutorials For Kids Using PVC Pipes

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I like unconventional, and these DIY tutorials for using PVC pipes are pretty darn cool. PVC pipe is a relatively inexpensive alternative to using wood or metal for home DIY projects. I like browsing the fittings aisle at my local hardware store for ideas – the pipes come in lots of different lengths and shapes, and the different fittings allow you to create bends and turns as-needed for your project.

Best of all (in my opinion), PVC pipe is really easy to clean. Also, if one piece breaks, a replacement is only a short trip to the hardware store away.

PVC Pipe Play House

If you have littles in the house, they’ll go nuts for this PVC pipe fort. You can use any kind of fabric to cover it and make it into a playhouse. You can sew leftover fabric scraps or even old t-shirts together to make the outside of the play house, or purchase fabric in colors that coordinate with your room décor.

PVC pipe playhouse

View the tutorial from Angry Julie Monday here

PVC “Kid Wash” Sprinkler

Ever had your kids get so dirty you thought hosing them off would be easier than giving them a bath? This also works great as a bike wash or a fun dog wash (if you can get your pup to sit still under it.)

PVC Sprinkler Kid Wash

View the tutorial from Six Sister’s Stuff here

PVC Teepee Playhouse

This fabric and PVC teepee is super cute and can be used as an indoor or outdoor reading nook or play fort.

View the tutorial from Sawdust and Paper Scraps here

PVC Puppet Theater

Let your kids’ imaginations run loose with this easy-to-build PVC puppet theater.

PVC Puppet Theatre

View the tutorial from She Wears Flowers

PVC Mini Marshmallow Shooter Gun

Finally, another use for marshmallows besides s’mores, hot cocoa, and cake frosting.

PVC Marshmallow Shooter

View the tutorial from Oh Amanda here.


You can buy PVC fittings online or at most local hardware stores. If you’re looking to do a bigger project and need Schedule 80 PVC Pipe, it’s best to check out a commercial supplier that specializes in heavier-duty PVC.

All disclosures related to this post can be found here.

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  1. Wild Child Mama says:

    I love these simple ideas!!! Hours of fun will be happening at our house this summer!
    Wild Child Mama recently posted..3 Things Thursday

  2. Great ideas here! Thanks for sharing!
    Jess K. recently posted..happy birthday to me!

  3. Love all the ideas! PVC rocks!

    Following from the Monday Morning Blog Hop :-)
    Amy recently posted..Am I Just a Witch?

  4. Awesome! I remember when I was a kid my brother actually had a building set that was basically pvc pipe and connectors that let you build giant stuff. There was a special wrench to take the pieces apart and wheels to make a car. It was so cool!
    Erin Gilliam (The Babywearing Blog) recently posted..Baby Carrier Reviews: Boba Wrap vs. Moby Wrap

  5. The sprinkler is a great idea! What kid would not want to have this at home? Thanks for sharing.

    I’m your newest follower. Have a great, great morning! :-)

    Would love to see you at Cure for Mondays.
    Frances recently posted..Out with psychotic repetition and off to Burby’s Grill, at last

  6. Great post.

  7. Great and very useful idea.

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