The Illusionists: Should You Leave The Kids At Home?


Yesterday Mykl and I had the pleasure of attending a media night for The Illusionists at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts. The show bills itself as a high-tech magic extravaganza, and I think it delivers. There’s a variety of magic acts with something for everyone. Well, almost everyone… Should You Bring Your Kids? There were children of all ages in the audience last night. They seemed to enjoy the show, but as a parent of kids ages 4.5, 9, {Read More}

Backup & Access Your Phone Photos From Anywhere Using Dropbox #VZWBuzz


As part of the VZWBuzz influencer team, I take a ton of photos with my phone. One of the things I used to struggle with on a daily basis is how to backup and access those photo photos. Especially when I need them for a blog post. Image: GotCredit on Flickr Enter Dropbox. This free app works on your phone, tablet, and computer to backup & sync your pictures and files so you can access them from anywhere. (FYI – {Read More}

Preschool Activity: Painting With Trucks

Painting with trucks on

Painting with trucks is one of those super easy preschool activities I wish I would have thought of myself. Luckily, Levi’s preschool teachers are awesome and introduced me to this fun art project earlier this week. The premise is simple enough for any parent to recreate this easy preschool art project at home. Simply gather up your paints, trucks, and paper, and let your child’s imagination take the driver’s seat! As a head’s up, I’ve included a few affiliate links {Read More}

Bonus March Karina Dresses #Frockstar Giveaway


That’s right, the Karina Dresses Frockstar™ team has a SECOND awesome giveaway for you this month. One lucky reader from the US or Canada will win SIX gorgeous Karina Dresses to stock their spring wardrobe. That’s up to a $1000 value! I’m a huge fan of Karina Dresses and am totally jealous I can’t win the prize myself. If I could, I’d get the Penelope dress I posted about earlier this month in a bunch of different prints. Like the {Read More}

Cinderella: Disney Magic Races Against the Stroke of Midnight

Cinderella 2015 Glass Slippers

I was able to attend an advance screening of Cinderella last week, and let me tell you, Disney magic is still alive and well and able to beat the stroke of midnight. Mykl is planning to take the girls to see Cinderella this weekend as a daddy-daughter double date, and I have no doubt they’re going to enjoy the movie. It’s everything we expect of the Disney classic we’ve all grown up with, with a few more down-to-earth moments that {Read More}

March Karina Dresses #Frockstar Giveaway


It’s time for another Karina Dresses Frockstar™ giveaway! One lucky winner will receive SIX designer dresses to upgrade their wardrobe. And…Karina Dresses just launched their spring line, so you’ll have all new styles to choose from. Yesterday I shared my new favorite Karina Dress – the Penelope. It’s gorgeous and comfy and I’m totally in love with the way it makes me look and feel. One of the things I love best about Karina Dresses is that they make me feel {Read More}

In Love With Penelope: My New Favorite Karina Dress

Penelope in Grey Swirl from Karina Dresses

Last month I ordered the Penelope from Karina Dresses as part of their Frockstar™ blogger program and I am in love. So in love that I wore it to Prestige Conference in Las Vegas. Why is it a big deal that I wore it to Prestige? Because I’m one of the event organizers and I was on my feet, running around in it, all day long. From food setup to bartending to networking, I was comfortable and confident wearing a {Read More}

Preschooler Review: Home Depot Kids Workshop


This morning Levi (my preschooler) and I checked out one of the free Home Depot Kids Workshop classes I’ve been hearing about. Some of the parents in our ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) class have mentioned that both Lowes and Home Depot offer free building classes for kids once a month, so Levi and I decided to check them out to see if they’re worth the trip. Home Depot Kids Workshop Home Depot offers their free hands-on Kids Workshop classes {Read More}

If Only I Could Share a Picture


Mr. Grey is already giving me the side-eye, so I can’t get away with taking a picture, but I have to describe this to you. Mr. Grey just got out of the shower, towel wrapped around his waist. He goes to the front door, keys in hand. “I’ll be right back,” he says, apparently oblivious to his lack of clothes. I literally snorted. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” (Very seriously) “Shhhhhh!” I’m laughing out loud now. I can’t help it. “Why {Read More}

How Keeping In Touch With Grandma Really Works #VZWBuzz


Levi’s Grandma Joanne (my mom) lives in FL. She’s lived there since my parents split up when I was in Kindergarten, so I’m no stranger to long-distance communication. Having a grandparent in another state means Levi has grown up using technology to keep in touch with her. Technology these days makes it super easy to keep in touch with relatives and friends that live far away. I’m part of the influencer team for Verizon, one of best mobile service providers out there {Read More}