The Easiest Frozen Watermelon Pops Ever


There’s no better way to celebrate the final days of summer than with these easy frozen watermelon pops. All you need is a sheet pan, some wax paper, a few popsicle sticks, a sharp knife, and a nice, ripe watermelon. Slice your watermelon as usual. Make sure your slices are at least 1/2″ thick. Then insert your knife about 1″ into the bottom of each slice, to pre-cut the hole for the popsicle stick. Insert your stick, pushing it at {Read More}

Fall Eyewear Fashion Inspired by VSP Direct #VSPSTYLE


Fall is here and that means it’s time for a few things around my house – hooded sweatshirts, cute boots, and bonfires. In theory, it’s also supposed to mean housework to get the place ready for winter, but let’s face it, I’d rather be outside playing with the kids or posing for goofy photos like this one. At the office, fall is a different story. We’re gearing up for our 4th quarter and already prepping for next year. That means {Read More}

DIY Edible Marshmallow Finger Paint

Marshmallow Finger Paint

Kids love to paint and they also love marshmallows. So why not put the two together for a simple, edible finger paint? In just a few simple steps you can make your own edible and easy marshmallow finger paint, perfect for crafting your own works of art. DIY Edible Marshmallow Finger Paint Supplies 2 Cups marshmallows (regular size) 1 Tbsp corn syrup Assorted food coloring Multiple microwave safe bowls Spoons Directions Start by adding a few drops of food coloring & {Read More}

Karina Dresses FrockStar™ September Giveaway

The Marisa from Karina Dresses #FrockStar

Are you ready for a fabulous FrockStar™ giveaway from Karina Dresses? Up for grabs is a huge wardrobe upgrade – one lucky winner will receive SIX Karina Dresses at the end of this month. That’s right, SIX dresses, a $1,000 value!! Karina Dresses are handmade right here in the US and are designed to fit different body shapes for amazing & effortless style. Last week I showed off the Marisa dress in Burgundy Dots. As soon as I put it {Read More}

Easing Back to School Supply Struggles in the Twin Cities


Back to school is a time of excitement, anticipation and, sadly, hefty expense. The costs of filling our children’s backpacks (often a new backpack every time!) seem to increase every year. And in order to have a good start to their school year, our kids need everything on the frequently extensive list of school-requested necessities. For the impoverished of the Twin Cities, back to school is a time of struggle and stress. Unless substantially aided by charity, many less fortunate {Read More}

Make-Ahead Freezer Meal: Beef Enchiladas


I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for the Beef Checkoff. I received products to facilitate this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating. As a busy working mom, make ahead freezer meals are my best friend. This easy beef enchiladas dish can be prepped in advance and stored in the freezer for up to 3 months. Ground beef is a staple in our house, so this is a great dish to {Read More}

Homework help from Verizon Educational Tools #VZEducation #VZWbuzz


The girls are already a little over a week into the school year, so that means homework is part of our routine when they get to visit home for the weekend. Mykl & I are pretty smart, but with Lucy in 4th grade and Tillie in 6th grade this year, we’ve had to admit that sometimes their homework is smarter than we are. Luckily for us, Verizon Educational Tools is making it easier for us to help them learn. Verizon Educational Tools {Read More}

Winding down summer with The Marisa from Karina Dresses


Confession: I was coveting Karina Dresses long before they invited me to be part of their Frockstar™ Nation. So when they sent me The Marisa to review, I couldn’t resist twirling around with excitement. As someone that’s most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, I couldn’t get over how silky soft this dress is. Karina Dresses are handmade here in the US with a soft, stretchy microfiber material that drapes naturally over the curves of your body. The dresses are totally wrinkle-free and {Read More}

Moms (and Dads) have it made with Sears #MoreToYou curbside pickup


Do you remember what it was like being home with an infant all day? I’m not talking about the angelic moments with the baby calmly asleep on your chest. I’m talking about the messy moments. You know, the ones where you’re sporting spit up stained yoga pants, a nursing tank, and a sleep-deprived-forgot-what-a-hot-shower-feels-like  look on your face. Yeah. Those days. They’re kind of a badge of honor that usher you into the crazy, scary, awesome world of parenting. Those are {Read More}

Go from Zero to Pizza in 15 minutes with Hormel Pizza Ready


I am a member of the Hormel® Pizza Ready™ Program. While Hormel Foods provided me with samples and resources to complete this post, all opinions are 100% my own. As a working mom, one of my biggest challenges is getting dinner on the table quickly when I get home. Last week, for example, the office was really busy and by the time I picked up Levi after work, it was already 5:30pm. Considering his new bedtime is 7:15pm, that doesn’t {Read More}